PK Movie Review: An Alien’s Quest for Religion and God

PK movie review
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The PK movie review is about an interesting critique of religions and cultural shocks, depicting an alien as the protagonist in the movie. A few years ago, an Indian movie, PK, was released whose main idea was the alien’s quest for god, to whom he sought through different religions. However, in the process, he ends up entangling himself in a complex labyrinth of religions in India.

The story unfolds with a naked alien descending on Earth from a different planet in a deserted place. Soon, he loses his return-ticket, a locket that could signal to bring back his spacecraft. He loses that to a pickpocket who sells it in a black market. From where the locket ends up in the hands of Tappasvi, a Hindu religious leader who claims to intercede between man and god.

An alien, PK (Aamir Khan) descending on Earth

The alien- perfectly embodied by Aamir Khan, who is known as the Tom Hanks of Bollywood– probably comes from an advanced planet where they could learn a language by just holding a stranger’s hand, transmitting his language with a perfect dialect.

PK Movie Review: Most Controversial, yet Commercially Most Successful

Perhaps, the most astonishing aspect of this film, besides unprecedented commercial success, was the most controversial, most loved, and yet most feared and untalked-about topic: religion.


Although people in India love religion, there is a general reluctance in this part of the world to talk about this sensitive topic.

However, this taboo-breaking movie presented hard facts in such a delicate manner that it could be rightly called a trendsetter. In this film, the alien, who is now known as PK, an equivalent of “drunk” in the English language. He is called so because of his frank and other-worldly style of asking questions paradoxically too simple to answer, thus leaving them to doubt the sobriety of the inquisitor.

Soon the ultimate encounter between the innocent alien and the ostentatious Tappasavi who has now posed the alien’s locket as a mark of divine symbol among his followers. But before that, the alien, PK, has to have interesting encounters with different religions, each of which he finds weirder than the other.

Saurabh Shukla posing as Tappasavi Maharaj

In the search of his locket, when asks people if they know about its whereabouts, he is frequently told: “only God knows”. So, the naïve alien embarks on an impossible journey to find god.

Here, he is caught up in a dilemma: whose god? For there are many!

Every religion has its own god, as different from the other as the day from night. Obviously, in this pursuit, interesting things happen to him. For instance, in one religion (Hinduism) as he finds out, a widow wears white on her husband’s funeral. The next time when he sees a woman clad in white near Church, he feels sorry for her husband’s loss. Her surprised shout only puzzles him more. He is told that white is for the wedding; black for funerals.

But his confusion deepens when he finds 4 women wearing black (burqa) walking past him along with a man. He innocently asks them if each had lost her husband: the alien has to run for his life from the indignant wives and their husband.

So, the irony continues in the PK movie, review of which is fun to write, and which keeps it entertaining and message-oriented at the same time. However, the ultimate lesson of the Aamir Khan-starrer movie is that religion is not a divisive force, but it was made by the church or the interceding forces between man and his god. Solely, for the material benefits.

The benefits, these interceding forces, derive from mutual hatred between religions, and between countries as it is depicted in the film which entirely revolves around an artfully contrived misunderstanding between a loving couple, an Indian girl and a Pakistani boy.

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