Poland, Hungary, Slovakia to introduce bans on Ukraine grains

Poland, Hungary, Slovakia to introduce bans on Ukraine grains

The European Commission has decided not to extend its ban on imports into Ukraine’s five EU neighbors. As a result, Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary have announced their own restrictions on Ukrainian grain imports. Ukraine, once a top grain exporter, has faced challenges in shipping agricultural produce to global markets since Russia’s invasion in 2022. The conflict has forced Ukrainian farmers to rely on exports through neighboring countries, leading to a flood of grains and oilseeds that reduced prices and prompted governments to impose bans. In May, the EU intervened and imposed its own ban on imports into neighboring countries, allowing Ukraine to export through those countries on the condition that the produce was sold elsewhere.

However, the EU ban expired on Friday after Ukraine promised to tighten control of exports to neighboring countries. This decision comes at a critical time as farmers are harvesting their crops and preparing to sell. Despite the EU’s call for refraining from unilateral measures against Ukrainian grain imports, Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary immediately reimposed their own restrictions. They will still allow the transit of Ukrainian produce. According to Terry Reilly, a senior agricultural strategist, as long as Ukraine can certify that the grain will reach its destination, the domestic use ban will not significantly affect Ukraine’s ability to export.

The impact of the new bans and Ukraine’s export restrictions remains uncertain. This issue has highlighted the division within the EU regarding the war in Ukraine and its economic impact on member countries with strong agriculture and farming sectors. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy welcomed the EU’s decision not to extend the ban on grain exports but warned that his government would respond if EU member states violated EU rules. On the other hand, Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary argue that their actions are in the best interest of their economies.

Hungary has imposed a national import ban on various Ukrainian agricultural products, including grains, vegetables, meat products, and honey. Slovakia’s agriculture minister also announced a grain ban. However, these bans only apply to domestic imports and do not affect transit to onward markets. The EU had previously created alternative land routes, known as Solidarity Lanes, for Ukraine to export its grains and oilseeds after Russia withdrew from a U.N.-brokered Black Sea grain deal. The EU Commission stated that the existing measures would expire as planned on Friday, as Ukraine agreed to implement export control measures within 30 days.

The EU justified its decision not to extend the ban by stating that the supply distortions that led to the ban in May no longer exist in the market. The EU also emphasized that it would not impose restrictions as long as Ukraine effectively controls its exports. Farmers in the neighboring countries have repeatedly complained about the surplus of Ukrainian products affecting their domestic prices and pushing them towards bankruptcy. While most countries had pushed for an extension of the EU ban, Bulgaria voted to scrap the curbs. Romania expressed regret that a European solution to extend the ban could not be reached and stated that it would wait for Ukraine’s plan to prevent a surge in exports before deciding how to protect its farmers.

Romania plays a significant role in the alternate flows of Ukrainian exports, with over 60% passing through its territory, mainly via the Danube river. Romanian farmers have threatened protests if the ban is not extended. Over the past year, Ukraine has relied on the Solidarity Lanes for 60% of its exports and the Black Sea for the remaining 40%. However, Russian drone attacks on Ukraine’s grain infrastructure along the Danube and near the Romanian border have complicated the EU’s plan to increase exports through Romania.

In conclusion, the European Commission has decided not to extend the ban on Ukrainian grain imports into its five EU neighbors. This has prompted Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary to impose their own restrictions. The issue has highlighted the division within the EU and the challenges faced by Ukrainian farmers due to the conflict with Russia. The EU had previously created Solidarity Lanes for Ukraine to export its agricultural produce, but the plan has been complicated by Russian drone attacks. The impact of the bans and Ukraine’s export restrictions remains uncertain, and the situation continues to be a point of contention among EU member states.

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