Political crisis in Venezuela
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As the political crisis in Venezuela continues, it resulted in the humanitarian and economic mess in the country. Analysts believe that the political crisis in Venezuela can encircle entire Latin America and the Carribean region. 

Similarly, protesters took to streets in Chile and Ecuador on price hikes in transportation. Authorities of Chile and Ecuador blamed Nicolas Maduro’s government behind the protests. They believe that the political crisis in Venezuela is posing a threat to the entire region. In the same manner, Colombia accused that Venezuela is financing the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and National Liberation Army (ELN). Both these outfits have been regarded as terror organizations. In this article, we will have a look at the veracity of these allegations. 

In the case of Chile, people are protesting against the societal inequalities. However, the Ecuadorians are protesting against the economic measures adopted by the government to achieve the International Monetary Fund (IMF) specified goals. 

In Colombia, the insurgency was caused by the mutual distrust between the FARC and the Democratic Center Party (DCP). In 2018, DCP’s candidateDuque  Marquez won the presidency, which is considered as a violation of the peace treaty between FARC and DCP. 

Nevertheless, it is a fact that Venezuela has meddled in the internal affairs of these countries. But the current mess has nothing to do with Venezuela; meanwhile, the political crisis in Venezuela is already gaining pace. Meddling in the domestic affairs of other countries is not specific to Venezuela. Many countries try to make favorable scenarios in other countries. However, currently, there is no substantial evidence that Venezuela is creating a mess in entire Latin America. There are regional countries that openly threaten to topple Maduro’s government in Venezuela. 

About 17 years ago, the USA and allies endorsed a coup against the then Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Similarly, two years ago, twelve regional countries formed the Lima group. The formation of this group was aimed at bringing “political and economic stability in Venezuela”. This action is an attempt to interfere in the internal affairs of Venezuela. Similarly, in 2012, Paraguay’s president was impeached by the senate. Venezuela and Brazil strongly opposed this move. Conclusively we can say that Venezuela is not the only state which is interfering in other’s matters. 

We cannot say that Venezuela is trying to alter the balance of power in the region. Venezuela is already struggling against the weak economy and a political mess. Currently, Venezuela does not possess political, military, or economic power to impose its hegemony in other countries of Latin America. Venezuela’s petrol income is at its lowest. Maduro’s government is unable to provide jobs and other facilities to its citizens how can it interfere in other countries. 

However, it is also a fact that Venezuela is devoid of liberal democracy, which is a leading political modal in the region. Maduro’s government is indeed denying democratic principles. The government is unable to provide freedom of speech and hold free and fair elections in the country. Currently, the political circle of Venezuela is highly polarized. There is no room for negotiations among the various factions of Venezuela’s politics. 

The shortcomings mentioned above of Maduro are directly harming the people of Venezuela, but the political crisis in Venezuela has nothing to do with meddling in other’s affairs. So we cannot say that the Venuezvalian government is posing a threat to the region’s stability. 

Both government and opposition of Venezuela are taking extreme positions against each other. This can aggravate the situation in the country. But still, Venezuela is unable to pose any threat to the region. 

Concluding this all, we can say that declaring Venezuela responsible for the regional mess is not a reality. Now the regional countries should focus on resolving the political crisis in Venezuela. They should concentrate on providing some relief to the Venezuelans who are suffering from poverty and unemployment. 


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