Officials in the Catholic Church are calling for Pope Francis’ resignation following evidence that the Church has covered-up a slew of new clerical sexual abuse claims.  The overwhelming number of recent accusations and cover-ups has led to one of the most dangerous crises of the 21st century for the Catholic Church.

Some Vatican officials and Cardinals have started to openly criticise the Church. An ex-papal nuncio, Carlo Maria Viganò, held nothing back when addressing the problem in an open letter to the pope. In the letter, Viganò stated that Francis must resign as the Pope has turned a blind eye to the decades of sexual abuse inflicted by ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick.

In his letter, Viganò references the fact that Pope Benedict XVI, Francis’ predecessor, punished McCarrick for his behavior. Benedict XVI ordered the ex-Cardinal to live a life of prayer and seclusion. However, Francis negated his predecessor’s punishment. McCarrick went on to become an important adviser to Francis.

Viganò implied that Francis chose to ignore the allegations against McCarrick. However, Viganò’s letter has given some Vatican officials and Catholic conservative intellectuals the courage to further criticize Francis for his liberal ideology. Some officials believe that Francis’ wider acceptance of homosexuality has created a culture of sexual abuse within the Church. However, this argument completely ignores the fact that clerical sexual abuse claims began far before Francis was elected pope.

The conversation regarding clerical sexual abuse seems to have only just begun.


Featured Image via Wikimedia Commons