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How much power belongs to the USA? It is the most circulating question in and even outside America. The power of the USA is not totally dependent on its military. The power of the USA is a unique mix of economy, trade, military presence, and most importantly political influence.

The Power of a country is dependent on its economic stability. Military arsenal is also one of the factors, but now the trade is the number one factor. This article will cover the aspects which make the USA an economic giant.
America’s power can easily be estimated by a fact that no country on Earth is free of US influence both economically and militarily. The US has maintained its military presence by sending flotillas of various portions of the sea. The USA has more than 800 Military bases outside the USA. While other three major giants like the United Kingdom, Russia, and France collectively have around 30 military bases outside their lands. This is a clear example of long and strong arms of the USA.

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America’s military budget is around 611 Billion dollars. On the other hand, the seven major military powers (including China, Russia, France, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, India, and Germany) collectively spend around 549 billion dollars on military installments.
In today’s world aircraft carriers are given greater importance as compared to other military equipment. The USA has eleven aircraft carriers while Russia has one, China has two, France has one and the United Kingdom has two aircraft carriers. None of the countries other than the USA has more than two aircraft carriers.
America’s political influence is also at its peak. United Nation’s most strong body is the security council (shortly called UNSC). USA has a privilege of veto power in UNSC. World’s three big institutions, namely the United Nations, World Bank and NATO nurture on US money. These institutions cannot maintain their functioning without US money. So, these institutions cannot make any decision against the USA interests.

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Besides this, the USA also spends money on various parts of the world to fulfill its needs. These expenditures help the USA to sustain its influence in these areas. Education and research are also priority traits of USA. Most of the world’s best educational institutes are in the USA. Out of the world’s best 20 universities, 17 are in America. Every Technology takes its first breath at silicon valley in California USA. This is the place where the best brains of the earth gather for educational and research purposes. The offices of the four big technology giants Facebook, Apple, Google, and Microsoft are located in silicon valley.

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With respect to the economy, the USA stands at number one with a huge economy of 18.57 trillion USD. While its closest rival China stands at 11.50 trillion USD.
The USA is also self-sufficient in mineral resources. The best coal on Earth is found in lands of USA. The USA has one of the biggest oil reservoirs. America constructs the world’s best technologies. These technologies give birth to advanced and expensive products. This is why America’s trade is profiled as the first world. Meanwhile, trades of Russia and China are profiled as the third world.
Two hundred years of uninterrupted democracy is also one of the powers of the USA. This is why American institutions are strong and independent. Propaganda power of Hollywood and comprehension of English also helps the USA to maintain its influence worldwide.
Geostrategically USA is located at the finest place on the globe. On its eastern and western sides, USA is surrounded by the  Pacific and Atlantic oceans respectively. These oceans work as strategic depth for the USA. Its northern border is connected with Canada. USA and Canada enjoy good relations. The USA’s southern border is connected to Mexico. However, US-Mexico relations are not as good as US_Canada relations.

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Summarizing this all we can conclude that the USA is the only superpower on Earth. However, to maintain its superpower status the USA has to increase its exports. To increase the exports the USA needs technological advancements. Technology is dependent on the world’s best brains. So, superpower status is indebted to exports, technology, and expertise. Any displacement in this whole chain can endanger the USA’s status of a superpower.