Power-Sharing Deal got Sealed between Army and Civilians in Sudan
Source: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-sudan-politics/sudanese-army-and-civilians-seal-interim-p...

An iconic power-sharing deal has been signed between Sudan’s civilian opposition alliance and ruling military council. With the agreement in place, the new government will include both civilians and generals within its periphery to decide over the civilian rules and elections.

Commonly known as Sudan’s most powerful man, Mohamed Hamdan “Hemeti” Dagolo, has vowed to follow its terms. Repression accompanied by pro-democracy protests has been steady features for Sudan ever since the ouster of ruler Omar al-Bashir in April.

Lt-Gen Abdel Fattah Abdelrahman Burhan and Hemeti signed the power-sharing deal for the military council. Ahmed al-Rabie signed the deal on behalf of the pro-democracy protesters under Change umbrella group and Alliance for Freedom.

The other regional leaders who attended the ceremony were the South Sudanese president, the prime ministers of Egypt and Ethiopia.

After the ceremony, the streets of Khartoum witnessed glimpses of wild celebrations and processions. The convention hall where the documents were signed remained surrounded by thousands of people who were cheering for the deal with Sudanese flags in their hands and resplendent peace signs.

Residents of the capital city of Khartoum and many others from the rest of the parts flocked into the city availing buses and trains to attend the occasion. The deal ensured a setup of five generals and six civilians who would run the country till the elections are done.

Both agreed on a rotational arrangement for the post of the chairman. Next week, a prime minister will be appointed who would come nominated by the civilians.

Hemeti’s Remarks on the Power-Sharing Deal

In an interview broadcast, scheduled ahead of the ceremony, Hemeti stated to Zeinab Badawi of BBC HARD talk that they will abide by every single letter of the deal. He further added that they have to maintain the course of actions not only for the sake of the agreement but for the interest of the country. He also explained that had the agreement not have been in place, they still would have done the same for the country.

Hemeti belongs to a group, RSF that has emerged out of a notorious organization that once conducted genocide in western Sudan.

According to Reuters reports, several people gathered outside the RSF headquarters in Khartoum, chanting at soldiers and playing radical songs in celebration. RSF has been allegedly accused of the 3rd June massacre that killed more than 120 people of whom some were thrown in the River Nile which was denied being a planned action and proclaimed to be an act of some rogue elements.

However, Hemeti, the commander of RSF mentioned it as a systematic plotting and conspiracy against RSF in a BBC interview and proclaimed RSF as protectors and not killers.

Reason for the crisis

This indignant situation emerged back in the year 2018 when the Government led by President Bashir imposed the emergency austerity measures. Cuts to fuel and bread subsidies catalyzed demonstrations over living standards in the east, and the agitation engulfed the capital.

Consequently, demands for the removal of Mr. Bashir, who had been a president for 30 years, outraged. The president was usurped by the military in April following sit-ins held outside the defence ministry. However, the protestors demanded a power transfer in favour of the civilians. Lt-Gen Abdel Fattah Abdelrahman Burhan led a council of generals that assumed power. However, it took longer to restore the normal administration.