Preservance lands on Mars and sends back its first Mars’ images

NASA team is quite happy after the Mars Rover has landed successfully on the surface of Mars. The team stated that it will get clear images when the dust settles on the surface.





Preservance lands on Mars

The Mars Rover, Preservance landed successfully on the surface of Mars and sent back the images of Jezero Crater, which it will explore throughout the mission.

NASA team watched eagerly as Preservance approached Mars and gave the confirmation that it was about to hit the bullseye of Jezero Crater.

Jezero Crater

The team (, along with the staff at the HQ, were quite happy when they got the news. The craft hadn’t broken during the 10G maneuver, the team had spotted a landing site with the help of the ground-facing radar, and finally, that the rover had safely landed on the surface of Mars.

These pictures are of low-quality and the team sent them a few seconds after the “hazard camera” landed. NASA made it clear that it will receive clear images of the surface of Mars as the dust settles.

The JPL director, Michael Watkins stated on the broadcast, “We aren’t ready to go, however, the robots are ready. We have sent our eyes and arms in the form of a robot. It is quite interesting to learn from the rovers and learn from science and technology. We will make more discoveries with the passage of time. Whenever we do these missions, we make amazing discoveries.”

On the other hand, the project manager, MiMi Aung, stated, “From tomorrow, we will turn to the helicopter and the space station could confirm its overall health. Our next milestone will be when the rover deploys a helicopter on the surface. Surviving that first cold night will be a huge milestone. After that, we will perform the first flight and we have around four more flights in the 30 Martian days.”

No doubt, the helicopter project will be quite amazing. However, the company hopes to break new boundaries through this exploration. Recently, NASA also gave its plans for the first woman to land on the moon, which you can[ read here. (


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