President Trump Remains Defiant Amid Calls To Resign

Many political experts have suggested that the incumbent is likely to go on the offensive in his remaining days.

President Trump Remains Defiant Amid Calls To Resign
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President Trump enters his last days in the White House isolated and shunned by several former backers and allies, amidst second impeachment efforts led by Democratic lawmakers after his supporters stormed the US Capitol on Wednesday in unprecedented chaos that resulted in five fatalities, including a police officer.

With the cut off from social media platforms, many political experts have suggested that the incumbent is likely to go on the offensive in his remaining days. On the other hand, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called out the federal Cabinet to invoke the twenty-fifth amendment, which gives the body the right to declare a president unable to perform his presidential duties. However, a close aide of Vice President Mike Pence stated that he opposed the idea.


Besides, the incumbent is planning to lash out at these big social media giants and aides hope that Trump will spend his last weeks trying to trumpet his policy decisions; starting from his Tuesday’s rally in Texas, aiming to highlight his administration’s accomplishments on the border wall construction and curbing illegal immigration.

Even though many Republicans and Democrats have blamed Trump for inciting Wednesday’s violence in Washington, he is yet to take any responsibility amid growing rebellion from his party and efforts to remove him from the office. A Republican senator from Pennsylvania, Pat Toomey, joined Alaska’s Senator Lisa in calling out the incumbent to resign from the office.

Political experts have suggested that this reversal from Pat – who was seen by many as the potential Republican candidate for the 2024 presidential bid – could harm party position. Besides, a recent survey conducted by ABC suggested that as many as fifty-six percent of Americans supported the calls for Trump’s removal before he completes his term.

Before pro-Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol to halt Congressional certification of Biden’s victory, the incumbent had delivered a speech to his supporters in which he repeated unsubstantiated claims of widespread voter fraud and irregularities. Hours later, his followers forced their way into the government building, ransacking the offices and sent terrified staff and legislators, including Vice President Mike Pence, into hiding.

But after the federal law enforcement agencies took back the control of the area, the Congress resumed its work and certified Biden’s victory, despite Republican objections on results in Pennsylvania and Arizona. Still, many doubt that Democratic-led impeachment efforts are unlikely to go anywhere, with only days remaining in Trump’s term.

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