Putin tells Poland any aggression against Belarus is attack on Russia

Putin tells Poland any aggression against Belarus is attack on Russia

President Vladimir Putin accused Poland, a NATO member, of having territorial ambitions in the former Soviet Union. He also stated that any aggression against Belarus, a close ally of Russia, would be seen as an attack on Russia. Putin made these remarks during a meeting of his Security Council.

Putin emphasized that Moscow would respond to any aggression against Belarus, which has a loose “Union State” relationship with Russia, using all available means. This statement was made in response to the decision by Warsaw’s Security Committee to move military units to eastern Poland. The decision was made after members of the Russian Wagner mercenary force arrived in Belarus.

Yevgeny Prigozhin, the chief of Wagner, was shown in a video welcoming his fighters to Belarus. He informed them that they would not participate in the war in Ukraine for now, but would instead focus on training the Belarusian army for Wagner’s operations in Africa. Prigozhin claims that Wagner is Russia’s most effective fighting force, but his conflicts with the Moscow defense establishment led to an armed mutiny four weeks ago.

As part of the agreement to end the mutiny, Wagner fighters were allowed to move to Belarus if they wished. Minsk confirmed that Wagner mercenaries had started training Belarusian special forces near the Polish border. In response, Russia began stationing tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus for the first time. Putin is scheduled to meet with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko in Russia.

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius stated that Germany and NATO were ready to support Poland in defending the alliance’s eastern flank. Putin mentioned press reports of plans for a Polish-Lithuanian unit to be used in western Ukraine and potentially occupy territory there. He claimed that Poland also had ambitions for Belarusian lands.

Putin reiterated that Belarus is part of the Union State with Russia, and any aggression against Belarus would be considered aggression against Russia. He emphasized that Russia would respond to such aggression using all available means. Poland denies having any territorial ambitions in Belarus.

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