It has been almost a decade since the first Red Dead Redemption game was released and it was, ironically, a game-changer. With ambitious open-world mechanics, breath-taking visuals and an engaging story that was as memorable as it was entertaining, we’re talking about an industry-defining game and one that has become a classic as time went on. Now it is the time for a highly anticipated sequel, this time set for an entirely new generation of consoles.

Within this context, the new game has some high standards to meet, especially since its release date has been constantly pushed back. Probably the most highly anticipated game of the year, Red Dead Redemption 2 has the potential to be a legendary game and, now that we have the first gameplay trailer, that just might be the case.

Of course, asking for the game to be as good as the first one would be somewhat unfair, but the new additions that Rockstar Games will offer in the new installment have definitely created deserved hype. And that is the main theme of this new trailer: innovation. If there’s anything that will jump to any gamer’s eyes while watching it is the fact that this will not be an attempt to do the same game over again. The entire format of the upcoming game will be designed to give customers a different experience.

This is partly due to the story and the setting, as they offer much different dynamics than the first one. Now, instead of a lonely outlaw that meets different characters along his way, you will play as a member of a gang of outlaws that travels the country fleeing from trouble. Each time they must go somewhere else, they set up a camp and live there for some time.

This format creates a whole different set of opportunities from the get-go, as players will now engage with their fellow outlaws and get to know the characters intimately. Whether through sharing stories with the characters or going hunting with them, the game is focused on building relationships between the protagonist and everybody else.

Besides this aspect of its performance, the game will also focus on creating a different visual experience. Not only do the graphics displayed in the trailer look absolutely stunning, but they could completely change the way one feels while exploring its world. The first game had graphics that offered a good balance between cartoon-like images and realistic landscapes, improving the world-building aspect of it. This time, the realism has been enhanced and natural environments are displayed at their full aesthetic glory. Especially noticeable in the trailer is the attention to color, as it is much more dynamic and constantly changing with movement.

Another thing that will improve this time will be the in-game interactions with artificial intelligence. On the original game, random characters could sometimes feel a bit repetitive, following a certain model and style. Interacting with them wasn’t anything amazing, but definitely enhanced the experience. With new technologies on this field, characters will now become much more responsive to the player’s environment.  Everything from intimidating a crime witness to choosing whether or not to get into a fight will get the player much more involved. This was a concept that was already fantastically developed in the first game, but will be taken into an entire next level in this one.

With this new trailer and the game being only two months away, I think RDR2 is set up for greatness. Of course, over-hyping a game can always make the experience worse, but I truly believe Rockstar Games might have achieved something here.

You can check the trailer down below:


Featured image via Flickr/Instacodez