Reese Witherspoon Shows off her Southern Charm

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Reese Witherspoon created a southern inspired clothing line called “Draper James”.

Reese Witherspoon wears a floral printed shirt with matching shorts, and carries the purse from her new clothing line.
Reese Witherspoon wears a floral printed shirt with matching shorts, and carries the purse from her new clothing line.

She modeled the name and the clothing based on her upbringing and her grandparents.

Her grandparents are Dorothea Draper and William James Witherspoon, hence the name.

Witherspoon said, “I created Draper James to honor my past and allow others to embrace the beaut, style and excitement that embodies what is happening in the South today.”

Witherspoon also explained that her grandfather is where she got her mannerisms, and impeccable style.

It wasn’t only the South and her grandparents who helped create Draper James what it is today. She had the help of a craftswoman and lifestyle expert to help her with things unrelated to the clothing line.

Silversmith Kaminer Haislip. Haslip told “This was a fun project to work on with them. I’m excited they are promoting Southern lifestyle brands. It’s a really good fit for my work.”

Hanna Nation Seabrook worked on stationery items. Seabrook said, “Being included in this strong Southern line is such an honor.”

The new online fashion retail shop is currently selling clothing, jewelry, handbags and homeware.

The newly launched website has all sorts of categories like home & gifting, accessories, and clothing. says, “It’s our goal to bring contemporary, yet timeless Southern style to your wardrobe and your home, no matter where you live.”

The high-neck dresses end above the knee, some with a bow tied around the waist, while the two Gilmore skirts have lace and checkered patterns.

Almost all of the outfits are paired of a pair of strappy sandals with a small heel, thus completing the look.

Other patterns you’ll find are florals, stripes and checkered. The clothing line is simple, elegant, and perfect for the spring and summer time. The patterns of both the tops and bottoms lend themselves to be mixed and matched.

The home and gifting sections features couch decorations, customized monogrammed napkin sets, and paper coasters.

Draper James features a line of bags. A tote bag with the phrase, “totes y’all” on the front in cursive, a few printed bags, and two class black purses.

The jewelry doesn’t disappoint with its dainty necklaces topped off with pendants and charms, to the thicker chained necklaces of pearls and magnolias.

These stylish designs don’t come without a large price tag. One of the least expensive articles of clothing on the site is the solid charlotte top at $125.

What the site lacks in cost effective clothing, it makes up for in the wide variety of sizes that it offers. From extra small, to extra-large in tops, and jeans from sizes 24-32.

Witherspoon credits her hometown of Nashville, Tennessee, for making her the Southern Belle she is today. Nashville is also the place where the first Draper James store will be launched. Fans of the line can expect this to happen sometime around the fall season.

In a video posted to, Witherspoon says, “In the south you can never be too kind, too gracious or too well dressed.”

The website ties in Southern charm with an editorial section that features posts from Witherspoon herself about places she’s visited, phrases she commonly uses as a Southerner and parties that she hosts with her friends. Since its launch a few days ago, three posts have already been put up.

Reese is seen posing in her own clothing line, her outfit features a floral skirt, and a jean button up top with the sleeves rolled up. She’s lying down on a blue and white throw pillow.

Keep up-to-date on the Southern Social, and all the new releases, by following them on their social media.

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