Fashion designer, Renee De Guzman, received the Lectra Special Award at the 25th Edition of the International Lab of Mittelmoda on July 21st. 

The Mittelmoda Fashion Award can be won by any designer around the world. Many fashion designers and fashion design students strive to win this international competition. In the final phase of the competition, only twenty-three finalists remained. De Guzman won. 

She said, 

I was happy. Getting into the competition was already one thing I was thankful for but winning an award? I had no words. It felt rewarding. It made me realize my purpose even more….And most importantly, I was proud because I was representing both the Philippines and my school. It was not only for myself but also for my family, the Philippines and God.”


This year’s theme revolved around a “touch of red.” So, De Guzman made entire sets with reds— including a coat, turtlenecks, and a pleated skirt. She incorporated other textures like fur and feathers. She says, “I loved having a lot of textures because that’s how I design. I always go into detail and personally, every detail had a meaning to me.”

Featured Image via/ Mittlemoda