Rescue Dog saves owner’s life after he suffers stroke

Two weeks ago in January, 59- year old Brian Myers suffered a heart stroke while he was sleeping. As he got up from the bed to go to the washroom, he fell on the floor before the dog came into action.

German Shepherd Dog
Image: Facebook rbarishelters

Brian Myers from New Jersey was one lucky dog owner as Sadie, his female German shepherd dog, turned out to be a life-savior for him. Dogs are your best friends, it is said commonly; they are loyal, and they are great companions, but this dog owner got so much more than companionship. He got a second life, thanks to his precious dog Sadie and Myers can’t thank her enough for doing that.

Two weeks ago in January, 59- year old Brian Myers suffered a heart stroke while he was sleeping. As he got up from the bed to go to the washroom, he fell on the floor. It was then that Sadie jumped into action and rushed to comfort Myers. Sadie kept licking him to keep him awake. She helped him reach the phone as Brian held Sadie’s collar, and Sadie helped drag him to the phone and call 9-1-1. This one intelligent move by the dog has given a new life to Brian. He says that why he is still alive today is because of Sadie.

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Brian Myers is currently in rehab for two weeks now after the heart stroke. Talking to the media with a quivering speech, he told that he has paralysis in the left side of his body which is causing difficulty in speaking. However, he said that his health is making great progress in the rehab. He said that since last week when he wasn’t even able to lift a finger, he is now able to move the full hand. Sadie is currently living with Brian’s brother.

German shepherd Dog was brought home by Myers from Animal Rescue

Interestingly, a few weeks ago, Brian Myers had saved 6-year old Sadie from an animal rescue as she was looking for a companion.  Sadie’s previous owner moved from the city and Sadie had to surrender in the animal rescue. She was lost without the only family she knew. Myers gave her a second life, and it turns out Sadie returned the favor by her heroic act.

Brian Myers

Brian Myers had adopted the German shepherd although he was told that Sadie is nervous and protective with new people. Brian felt a special bond with Sadie, as stated by the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge in a Facebook post. After reading the post, users poured in immense love and appreciation for the German shepherd. The animal refuge has 15 dogs listed for adoption on the website currently.

Sadie German Shepherd Dog

Myers told the media that he has more love for Sadie than he can express. If it was not for Sadie, he’d been lying on the floor. Sadie knew instinctively what to do and saved her owner in the time of crisis. The two face time every day, as told by Brian. He said that he’s looking forward to meeting her soon and will plan a special reunion. Now that will be a reunion to witness.


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