RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: At least our PM isn’t completely gaga

RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: At least our PM isn’t completely gaga

This week’s State Opening of Parliament had a ridiculously Ruritanian feel to it. Charles and Carmela were dressed in peculiar attire, with Charles wearing a crooked Lewis Carroll crown and Carmela donning a comedy frock adorned with images of her favorite dogs and grandchildren. Quentin Letts captured the full absurdity of the event in his Mail sketch the following day.

While the Windsors were dressed like Henry VIII and The Queen of Tarts, the leaders of the two major political parties arrived at the Upper House in casual clothing. Dishy Rishi wore his half-mast Norman Wisdom designer whistle, and ‘Sir’ Keir sported a gelled Max Headroom quiff that went out of fashion long ago. Sunak and Starmer shared a mock conspiratorial moment, resembling a pair of provincial lawyers negotiating a settlement in a complex conveyancing dispute. The scene was reminiscent of Mandelson’s style.

Meanwhile, on Main Street, dogs howled in support of the Hamas butchers. It made me grateful that I was watching this madness from a safe distance. I have been in the U.S. for the past couple of weeks, closely following the developments in the race for the White House. I am particularly interested in the Republican Party candidates’ debate in Miami, which is scheduled for Wednesday night.

The article is accompanied by images depicting the absurdity of the State Opening of Parliament, with Charles looking uncomfortable in his crown and Carmela in her comedic frock. Another image shows Biden, who was praised for his resolute address in support of Ukraine and Israel, although there are doubts about how much he actually knew about the situation.The recent appearance of Hillary on The View sparked controversy as she accused Donald Trump of being Hitler. (Image: Daily Mail)

I have always believed that America is the world’s last best hope, a strong democracy with the power to promote and protect freedom globally, as Boris recently emphasized in this paper.

Sometimes, I can understand actress Emma Thompson’s disdain for Britain, referring to it as a “tiny, cake-filled, misery-laden island.” However, I strongly disagree with her and her celebrity Leftie friends and their pretentious, hypocritical views.

Compared to our stuck-in-the-past constitutional monarchy, I find the U.S. electoral system superior. In Britain, even with Brexit, we seem to be at the mercy of an unelected tyranny, from EU-worshipping Supreme Court judges to brainwashed cops and unaccountable civil servants.

The recent King’s Speech could have been written by either party, with Sunak and Starmer representing the bland versus the bland.

My cynical take on British politics is that no matter who you vote for, the government always gets in. In contrast, in the U.S., taxpayers have the opportunity to vote for various positions, from police chiefs to local dog catchers. That’s what I call a true democracy.

However, something is amiss in the United States of America. With just a year left before the next Presidential election, the country is faced with the choice between an 81-year-old basket case or a 78-year-old sociopath, who may even be in jail by then. Joe Biden, the current frontrunner, is a frail and stumbling figure who relies heavily on support and guidance.

Biden’s public appearances are limited, and he often struggles to navigate the stage or deliver coherent speeches. It is unclear how much he truly understands about the issues he addresses.

Despite receiving praise for his speeches in support of Ukraine and Israel, there are doubts about Biden’s level of knowledge and comprehension.

(Image: Daily Mail)Sunak and Starmer were seen laughing together in a mock conspiratorial manner, resembling a pair of provincial lawyers dividing a settlement in a complex conveyancing dispute. The dispute revolves around whether the kitchen units can be included in the calculation of stamp duty, similar to the tactics used by Mandelson.

Despite the challenges faced by the UK, the Prime Minister is not completely incapacitated, unlike the image of him slumped in the No 10 basement wearing incontinence pants. Additionally, his main challenger is not currently involved in a legal case at the Old Bailey.

The responsibility for the issues at the southern border does not solely rest with President Biden. It is being passed around by a group of increasingly unhinged Left-wing individuals who are determined to dismantle the border and impose a woke agenda on the unwilling electorate.

If you think the UK has a problem with cross-Channel migrants, consider the situation in America. Since Biden took office, over six million illegal immigrants have entered the country from unknown origins.

The concern goes beyond drug shipments from cartels. Security experts believe that it is only a matter of time before there is another terrorist attack similar to 9/11, carried out by Islamist extremists who have entered the US through Mexico under the guise of being asylum seekers.

Fortunately, when it comes to Israel and Ukraine, it appears that the influential figures in the military/industrial complex are in control of policy. This gives some hope for a positive outcome.

Meanwhile, as tensions rise and the possibility of World War III looms, Biden remains in his basement, dressed as the Commander In Chief and watching events unfold on TV. He presses buttons on the remote control, reminiscent of the character Chauncey Gardner in the film Being There.

Biden is also facing allegations of corruption, as previously detailed in the summer. This week, his brother James and his son Hunter were subpoenaed by Congress to answer charges of funneling foreign bribes amounting to millions of dollars to “The Big Guy,” referring to Joe when he was vice president under Obama.

It is my prediction that Biden will not be the Democratic candidate in the next November election, regardless of his personal desires. This leads to speculation about who will come next. Some suggest Michelle Obama as a potential candidate, while others believe that Hillary Clinton, despite her previous loss, still has a chance.This week, Hillary appeared on The View and accused Donald Trump of being Hitler. This statement eliminates any possibility of rational argument. Gavin Newsom, the smarmy California governor, was in China last week, cozying up to President Xi Jinping. Newsom seems to see himself as the next occupant of the Oval Office, despite the fact that he has turned California into a bankrupt tent city. The city centers of California, Washington State, and Oregon are in a state of chaos, plagued by crime, homelessness, and businesses fleeing the area. Jeff Bezos, the billionaire Amazon boss, recently announced his move from Democrat Seattle to Miami, citing family reasons, but it’s clear that the lack of state income tax and lower crime rate in Florida played a role in his decision. Personally, I am a fan of Florida governor Ron DeSantis, who has a strong economic record, resisted Covid lockdowns, and opposes woke culture. In a rational world, the next presidential election would be between DeSantis and a Democrat like Newsom, representing the contrast between small state, low tax policies and big state, high tax policies. However, the current political climate in America is far from rational. Prior to the Republican debate this week, the main topic of discussion was whether DeSantis wore cowboy boots to appear taller. This trivial matter has no relevance to the important issues at hand. During the debate, the argument over shoes continued to escalate, with one candidate accusing another of being like Dick Cheney in heels. The level of debate has clearly reached a low point. While watching the debate, I stumbled upon the Country Music Awards, which surprisingly attracted a large audience. The big winner of the night was Jelly Roll, a heavily tattooed artist who weighs about 35st. It’s ironic that someone like Jelly Roll probably has as much chance of becoming the next President as any of the Republican candidates on stage in Miami. The current state of affairs is indeed strange.A 40-year-old woman who earns a living by auctioning live sex acts with her husband on the internet narrowly missed being elected to Virginia’s House of Representatives during local elections this week. Meanwhile, in Georgia, racketeering charges are being brought against Trump using the same statutes that were used against Al Capone.

It’s interesting to think about the kind of work this woman does and how it might appeal to someone like Donald Trump. Speaking of Trump, he didn’t bother showing up for the Republican debate, making it pointless and likely boosting the ratings for the Country Music Awards. Maybe he’ll choose Jelly Roll as his running mate if the woman from Virginia rejects him.

Instead of attending the debate, Trump held a rally in Hialeah, north of Miami, which reportedly attracted a crowd of either 10,000 or tens of millions, depending on who you ask. Trump seems to be unstoppable, at least when it comes to securing the nomination. Polls in battleground states show him ahead of Biden, which is why even Democratic commentators who typically support their party are desperate to prevent Biden from running again. They believe he’s the only candidate Trump could defeat.

Meanwhile, Trump was back in court this week facing one of the 91 criminal charges brought against him by Democratic prosecutors. This highlights a problem with the U.S. system, where every public official is elected and everything becomes political. The district attorney in New York, who was elected on a promise to bring down Trump while he was still President, along with a biased Democrat judge, is trying to bankrupt him, force him out of business, and imprison him for an absurdly long time.

The judge has already declared Trump guilty before the trial has even begun, but his credibility has been called into question after it was discovered that he had been posting inappropriate pictures on social media. Meanwhile, in Georgia, racketeering charges are being brought against Trump using the same statutes that were used against Al Capone.

I recently read a headline about the FBI arresting a New York crime boss and his family, and I immediately assumed it was related to the ongoing Trump saga. However, it turned out to be the boss of the Gambino gangster clan, previously led by John Gotti, known as the “Teflon Don” for his ability to avoid conviction. This raises the question of whether Trump is the “Teflon Don II” or the “Velcro Don” since the Democrats are trying to make everything stick to him. It’s an interesting thought, and who’s to say Trump couldn’t run the Oval Office from jail, just like Gotti and Scarface ran their empires from Alcatraz?

After sifting through all this madness, I’ve come to appreciate the chaotic nature of the current political landscape.Perhaps our British system isn’t as bad as we think. The Prime Minister is not completely incompetent, sitting in the basement of No 10 wearing adult diapers, and his main opponent is not facing exaggerated charges that would have embarrassed notorious criminals like the Kray Twins.

Furthermore, our constitutional monarchy doesn’t seem as outdated as it once did. In the past, I would have happily supported the idea of every member of the Royal Family being publicly executed on The Mall.

However, there are times when other countries seem even worse. After observing the political landscape in America, I never thought I would say this, but here it is: God Save The King!

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