It wasn’t the best start for the already beleaguered Olympic Games in Rio.

Terror threats, contaminated water, an invading horde of Zika-bearing mosquitoes, as well as Portugues man-o-wars appearing off the coast have all been some of the serious issues in the past few weeks. Oh, there was also the firing of the security firm and the law enforcement strikes over poor wages.

What happened Wednesday, though, was on the more light-hearted and comical side. Wednesday marked the beginning of the Olympic women’s soccer tournament–even before the Olympic Opening Ceremony–and fans stood patiently outside the Olympic Stadium to take their seats. Two games occurred on Wednesday: Sweden vs. South Africa, and host-nation Brazil vs. China.

But there was a problem. As the fans waited to be let in, the gates remained locked before them. They continued to wait, and still the gates remained closed. Did they forget there were events scheduled for Wednesday? Did they forget the keys?

Well, yes, they did. At least for the keys, that is. Rio officials appeared at the stadium armed with bolt cutters to remove the locks from the gates. The delay apparently caused the gates to open up one hour later than scheduled.

But the opening games in the stadium were met with very little fanfare. As Sweden beat South Africa 2-0, it was reported that were a few hundred in attendance before swelling to a mere 13,439 for Brazil’s victory over China. The stadium can hold 60,000 fans.

Hopefully, as the games continue, there will be more fans. And hopefully stadium officials will come with an extra set of keys, too.