Genetic Testing

Nowadays, most of the people who are visiting to doctors and spending a lot of money, just for losing weight. Obesity is becoming one of the biggest health problems today. An unhealthy lifestyle composed of an unhealthy diet (that includes junk food), sedentary habit makes people more prone to gain unwanted weight. Weight loss can be an exhausting ordeal that requires a lot of patience, will power, controlled diet and physical exercises.

Risk of Some Major Health Problems Due to Obesity

Being overweight not just affects your physical appearance, but also causes chronic health issues such as heart diseases, strokes, diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, and gout, etc.

According to science, a person whose body weight is 20% higher than normal is considered as an obese person. If a person’s BMI (Body Mass Index) is over 30 he falls under the category of obese people. Obesity is considered as a “lifestyle order” and if not managed properly can cause major health problems.

Why Genetic Approach is an Effective Solution for Weight Loss?

Have you ever thought about why you are not losing weight even after working out so much and controlling your diet? Let’s discuss why you are facing this problem.

We all are unique individuals having different genes in our body and these genes are somewhere responsible for weight gain. Genes are made up of DNA, which is responsible for controlling the activities of life. Some people possess the tendency of gaining weight and faces problem in losing it even when they do a lot of exercise and dieting, while some do not gain weight no matter how much they eat and whether or not they exercise. This all happens because genes differ in every individual and thus “one solution does not fit all.

Weight Loss

And here comes “Genetics” in the play. Genetics or genetic testing is a process in which a person’s genes are tested for whatever health concern he/she is having. For instance, if someone is having diabetes, then the genes which are responsible for diabetes will have to be tested and that person needs to follow the lifestyle activities including diet and exercise according to his/ her genetic makeup.


In the same way, if a person is obese, then through gene test experts will identify the genes that are responsible for your weight gain and then you will have to follow the diet and exercise that is best for your body according to your genes.

Therefore, no matter how much you exercise and hours in the gym, and how many times you alter your diet to lose weight. You do not lose as much weight as you expect. Because you might be not taking the right diet and not working out according to your “body clock”.

Are You Working Out at Right Time? According to Your “Body Clock”?

biological body clock

Every human has an inbuilt biological clock which is decided by the CLOCK gene. It is found that 39% of the world population are genetically designed to respond to exercise when done in the evening. They will not equally respond to exercise if done in the morning. So, based on the CLOCK gene people are categorized as Morning Personality and Evening Personality. Research says that people should follow their body clock to burn more fats and achieve rapid weight loss.

Still, there are people who are not aware of the benefit of genetic testing in weight loss and they are following that old method for losing weight. Either they start dieting or gaining without knowing what type of diet and how much quantity is beneficial for them. And at what time of exercise they respond to according to their clock gene.

Fortunately, now as you know that genetic testing is one of the effective ways to lose weight by identifying the cause of your obesity or weight gain, you should not waste your time and energy putting in the wrong direction with wrong diet and exercise. You can just try a simple genetic test for your body and follow what is good for you.