Running With Structure Thanks to GPS Watches

Running is one of the most inexpensive forms of exercise… all you need are a pair of running sneakers and terrain, right? Well, not so much anymore. Running technology has advanced in accordance with all other technology. A nucleon of running equipment, the GPS watch supports runners when they’re on the go.

A typical GPS watch tracks distance and pace through satellite connection. After charging the watch for a couple hours, these watches guide runners training for a 5k or a hefty 26.2-miles marathon.

Finishing a run and looking down at your watch to “5.0 miles” can be pride-inducing and reassuring, whether you’re running for fun or training for a race. GPS watches track steps of runners once activated. Accuracy, which ranges from a hundredth to three-hundredths of a mile, depending on the watch and connection to satellite, makes the $100 or more investment worth it to some.

Running the right pace is crucial to training for any kind of race. Run too fast and risk injury… run too slow and give up your full potential to run a personal record. Every mile sounds off an alarm with a GPS watch, alerting runners when to look down to see mile paces and adjust their speed. For the runners out there constantly pushing the pace, this could save you from taking time off due to shin splints.

For the most part, figuring out how to use a GPS watch is simple. Most come with a couple buttons to start, stop, and save times and runs. Elevating your run is also possible by keeping track of a heart rate monitor, altitude, and music controls. Popular brands Garmin, TomTom, and FitBit are only a few which carry these options.

Now, GPS watches are found strapped onto wrists of athletes at professional and beginner levels along with those of young and older athletes alike. While GPS watches indiscriminately attract people of different levels of fitness and ages, they do stand out to people in various lights depending on how much structure people will into their exercise regiment.

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