Russia Takes Over the Ukrainian Nuclear Plant

Russia Takes Over the Ukrainian Nuclear Plant

Kyiv: Authorities state that the Russian forces have attacked the country’s nuclear assets and have seized the largest nuclear plant in Europe. Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia nuclear power station is the largest nuclear power station of its kind in Europe, is under the Russian forces’ occupation.

Russia’s main reason for its bitterness at Ukraine had many reasons behind it. First, Ukraine started limiting its relations with Russia by decreasing its business activities, including gas trade. In addition, Ukraine’s increasing inclination towards the West has caused this resentment. In this context, tensions escalate, and Russia invades Ukraine.

Russia considers a threat for itself because Ukraine tends towards eastern powers. In addition, Ukraine’s contracts with the European Union’s energy contracts and starting to have benefited from the West raised the issue to this extent.

Ukraine recently stopped importing gas from Russia and started to get it from Poland, Hungary, Romania, etc. That was also a cause of anger for Russia. They never wanted such an activity to be done from Ukraine.

The Zaporizhzhia nuclear power station is Europe’s largest and one-fourth of Ukraine’s energy-producing plant. It consists of six “Russian-style” nuclear reactors that came into being in 1984. And now upgrades further after a series of changes and alterations and functioning onwards.

A fire broke out from the building last night, where the Ukrainian and Russian forces were fighting for control. Says Dmytro Orlov, who is the Local mayor.

However, Ukrainian forces say that the attack damaged a certain part of the building. And the plant is still operating safely after Russian forces seized the plant.

According to officials, the control action was sudden to avoid any complexity. It was due to the location that was extremely sensitive, and the area has been declared safe now.

The Western powers have strongly condemned the issue, stating it is a shocking and reckless act.

The Ukrainian president says this could be one of the main reasons for the “six Chernobyl” attack, which refers to a major nuclear-energy accident.

Due to the ongoing clashes in the country, the Mariupol city is still under continuous attacks.

According to the Ukrainian authorities, around 47 people lost their lives since yesterday due to the Russian invaders in the northern city of Chernihiv.

And till now, Russian forces have completely seized the Kherson city in southern Ukraine.

It invaded its neighbor on three fronts, and fighting is continuing around Ukraine

By surrounding the country from the three sides; the north, east, and south, the Russian troops are still ongoing to fight and tighten the siege around the country.

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