Samantha Bee, known as a correspondent on “The Daily Show,” will host her own late night television show on TBS. In the promo for her upcoming show, which still has no title, she pokes fun at what late night television is. In the promo, she is looking at all of the portraits of the hosts of late night television, yet she just can’t pinpoint what is missing. It is obvious to the viewer that there are no women in any of the pictures.

On the wall of portraits, there are hosts Jimmy Fallon, Carson Daly, James Corden, and her old co-worker James Oliver. A waiter comes up to Bee asking if she wants any sausage, and Bee declines; this is a fun tongue and cheek joke of how she’s tired of all of the men hosts of late night televisions.

As the promo teaser closes, Bee says “I’m female as F—k,” and giggles. Bee will be one of the few women who have hosted a late night television show. Bee will be joining the ranks of Chelsea Handler, who hosted “Chelsea Lately,” and now Grace Helbig, who hosts the weekly “Grace Helbig Show.”

Bee will most likely bring her satirical sense of humor with her on her late night show. TBS hasn’t put out a date of when the show will air, but hopefully it won’t be long.

Photo: Turner