Samsung invested $500M invested to set up a display plant in India

Samsung invest $500 million on display plant in India

Samsung has invested $500 million to build the world’s largest manufacturing plant in Noida.

India Smartphone Market

India has been an outstanding location for Smartphone companies owing to the large population of people living in India. Smartphone companies in India are in fierce competition to gain control over the market. The major players in this competitive market include Xiaomi, Samsung, Vivo, Realme, and OPPO. In 2017, India recorded a shipment of 124 million smartphone units and registered an annual growth of 14%.

It has always been fascinating to monitor Smartphone development in India as several intriguing, innovative trends have popped up in the smartphone market as different companies aspire to become numbers in the market.

The smartphone market in India is scaling up by the day and has seen massive growth with several groundbreaking adoptions and trends like the in-screen fingerprint sensor, which has replaced the button fingerprint sensor in Vivo smartphones. Japan Display Inc (JDI) also announced the invention of the transparent fingerprint scanner. The scanner will be on the screen of mobile phones.

Samsung and other Smartphones Improvement

While other companies battled with improving their smartphones and including the fingerprint scanner, Apple took the lead and came up with the facial scanner concept.

Apple iPhone X comes with face detection feature

The idea worked well in Apple’s iPhone X. Soon other companies like One Plus adopted the idea. Both face detection features, and on-screen sensors are a big hit. However, manufacturers and smartphone brands followed the trail of the fingerprint for unlock feature because of its effectiveness.

Sharper and more sensitive cameras in smartphones have also been enormous criteria for most mobile purchases. The logic is quite simple; the smartphone that has the sharpest camera has the attention of everyone else. Bearing this knowledge, companies have gone to several lengths to make the available quality camera in their products. Smartphones now possess enhanced cameras.

Another breakthrough is glaring on the Internet of Things. Smartphones can control other devices like smart wearables, smartwatch and fitness trackers, home appliances, and smart weighing scales. The Internet of Things in smartphones was cleverly accompanied with a huge memory capacity of 64GB, with 4 GB RAM.

Mobile Partnership

As the market game gets intense, players sort for partnership deals with mobile networking companies. This was done to roll out bundled offers that allow them to sell the phone + connectivity at an affordable price.

Although there are possible risks for such partnerships as such, brands stand the possibility of losing the right image due to fluctuations in-network services. However, this feature has done more addition than subtraction to the market with the inclusion of 4G services in smartphones, enabling users a faster and more stable internet connection. 

Samsung in India

Samsung is a big player in India’s Smartphone Market. Its competitors include Xiaomi, Vivo, Realme, and OPPO. In recent times, Xiaomi and Vivo have had heavy shipments of smartphones to India, and in time past, that has been the trend.

Up until recently, Samsung has engaged in heavy shipments of smartphones like other smartphone companies. Recently, Samsung invested $500M for the development of a manufacturing plant in Noida, India, for its smartphones.

Considering Samsung’s investment in its on-going project, it is believed that Samsung’s manufacturing plant would be the biggest in the entire world. This would no doubt place Samsung ahead of its fellow competitors.

The company is committed to spending a total of $700 million to advance its factory. This will no doubt eliminate the expenses and risks involved with the shipments of its smartphones from South Korea. Samsung has disclosed that the plant would produce displays for smartphones as well as a wide range of other electronic devices.


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