Samsung has decided to release a limited edition Galaxy S7 Edge in celebration of the 2016 Rio de Janeiro summer Olympics. Unfortunately only a very select few will be able to get their hands on them.

The new phone will come with all the standard features of a normal S7 Edge, however, there will be some subtle aesthetic changes. The special S7 Edge comes equipped with the official colors of the event along with the official Olympics logo. The power/lock button will go from chrome to red in color. Other parts of the phone feature similar touches such as green volume buttons, yellow trim on its face and blue trim on the back.

If you were hoping to snag one before they run out, you better start training now. The phones will be offered to the athletes competing in the games. However, if you’re lucky enough, you might be able to acquire one of the 2,016 units offered to the public. Customers in the US, China, Germany, and Korea will have the opportunity to purchase the phone (if available) at a BestBuy in their region for an undisclosed price. The S7 Edge will only be produced in a limited number of 12,500 in total.

Image Via Samsung

Outside of being a device to commemorate this special event, it will also serve many practical purposes. The S7 Edge can be used by the athletes to communicate, send and receive vital information during the event to one another. This also includes a complete schedule, venue info, results, medal counts and real-time updates.

Along with the phone, athletes will also receive IconX wireless earbuds that have the ability to monitor the users heart rate. When paired with a smartphone, the earbuds can also track fitness data through the S Health app.