San Francisco Uber driver assaulted after passenger allegedly refuses to wear mask

The Driver has said that he was harassed and attacked by the rowdy passengers as he is a South-Asian immigrant.

Uber Driver Attacked by Woman
Image : Video by Dion Lim Twitter

In a rare act of disgrace in this pandemic, a woman passenger traveling by an Uber Taxi abused and repeatedly coughed on the Uber Driver, when the latter asked her and her two women friends to wear a mask. ‘Subhakar Khadka’, an Uber Driver refused service to the three women in San Francisco and pulled over his car when they begun using the expletive language for the Driver. The incident happened on Sunday in California, when the driver later asked the woman to get down from his car. He recorded a video showing the profanity used by the three women and has claimed that he was harassed and attacked by them. In the video, one woman can be seen coughing deliberately on the driver and abusing him for canceling the ride.

Uber Driver abused in SF

The video shows how the woman reached over to the dashboard and grabbed the driver’s phone. She ripped off the driver’s mask too. The Driver can be seen asking the woman to get out of the car as he has canceled the ride. This apparently awful behavior has been condemned by people, and also the Uber car-hailing company. The Uber service received backlash a few months ago in the U.S.

San Francisco Police Investigates the Uber Car Driver and Women Altercation

The San Francisco Police has taken the driver’s statement and is investigating the incident. In their Twitter post, San Franciso Police has also shared the details of the altercation between the driver and the 3 passengers which occurred at around 12:45 PM on March 7th. The SFPD Robbery unit also mentioned that after the women suspects got out of the car, the third passenger reached into an open window in the car and sprayed what the Police are anticipating is ‘Pepper Spray’.

Uber offered $20 For Drivers’ Car Repair

The video came into the news when Reporter Dion Lim shared it on Twitter and also shared the statement shared by Uber in which the company states that it is hereby barring the passenger all access to Uber Rides. Lim also shared the snapshots of Subhakar’s conversation on messages with Uber where he asked Uber for Car cleaning bills in order to clean the car off the hard stains of pepper spray on the headliner. Uber initially offered a mere $20, which they later increased to $40. But after he insisted that it’s not enough money to get cleaning services in San Francisco, he was paid $120 for the entire service and his ordeal. However, the fundraising site has raised a huge amount for the assaulted Driver Khadka, as a result of a fundraiser organized by Cyan Banister.

uber Driver SF

After watching Khadka’s video, where the three women have behaved horribly with him, people have come forward to support him financially to mend his car, make up for the lost wages due to the condition of the car.

Unruly Woman Blames Driver and Uber for Incident

One woman passenger who was seen abusing and snatching Khadka’s phone in the video also posted videos from her phone on her Insta account. In the videos which were shot before the incident, the driver can be seen telling the women that they can get down from the car as he has canceled the ride and is heading to his home. The woman is seen telling him that they will not leave the car until another Uber arrives. The woman also came live on her social media to discuss the incident and blamed the driver and Uber Services for the experience. In the end, she also said, “That’s why I take Lyft”. Ironically, Lyft, the car-hailing service has also given a statement to media telling them that they have barred this woman passenger will be barred from their services, owing to such disrespectful behavior.


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