Sceptical President Invites Netanyahu To Form Israeli Government

Sceptical president invites Netanyahu to form next Israeli government
A combination picture shows Blue and White party leader Benny Gantz in Tel Aviv, Israel September 18...

A skeptical President tasked the incumbent Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday to form a new government after the election that further deepened Israel’s political deadlock. Netanyahu, the country’s longest-serving premier, ruling Israel since 2009, now faces a hard challenge from registering sufficient allies for the coalition.

Under the law, Netanyahu will have 28 days to do it, with the possibility of an extension of two weeks before President Reuven Rivlin takes another candidate or asks ParliamentParliament to choose one. Political experts suggest that continued deadlock could eventually produce new elections.


Announcing on television his choice of Netanyahu, Rivlin poured doubt on its prospects for success or whether other candidates could complete the task. “For my great regret, I got the impression that there were no candidates, at this stage, had a real opportunity to arrange a government, which will win the voice of trust in parliament,” Rivlin said. He noted that he was legally bound to make nominations.

On March 23, the fourth in two years, the Israeli election ended with neither Netanyahu-led right-wing Lukid Party and religious bloc or his opponents’ potential alliance captured the majority of ParliamentParliament. In Rivlin’s consultation held with political parties on Monday on granting the mandate to build a coalition, Netanyahu received more support than its challenger but still lacked a majority in the legislature.

In his television comment, Rivlin said that under Israeli law, Netanyahu, as the current prime minister, was not disqualified from assigned tasks despite its indictment on corruption charges. Rivlin announced as Netanyahu’s corruption trial entered the second day in the Jerusalem court building.

Accused with bribes, violations of trust, and fraud, Netanyahu has denied any wrongdoing, accused the prosecution of the “trial coup” aimed at overthrowing “strong and right prime minister.” The President fulfilled his duties as he had no choice, but giving Netanyahu the mandate was an embarrassing stain on Israel, “Netanyahu’s strongest rivals, Yair Lapid centric politician.

Netanyahu, supported by 52 members of 120-seat parliament, has tried to break the deadlock by urging two rivals right-wing rivals – Former Head of Defense Naftali Bennett and Veteran Politician Gideon Saar – to join him in a conservative government. Bennett, who heads the Yamina Party, has been non-committal. Saar, the new horizon faction leader, has openly ruled out serving under Netanyahu, saying national leadership changes are very important for the nation.

Lapid, who headed Yesh Atid’s party, said he had proposed a coalition agreement to Bennett on Monday. Under the setting, Bennett will serve first as the prime minister, and then Lapid will take over. Bennett did not comment directly about Lapid’s offer. Political commentators said such an agreement might also open the way for Saar to join Lapid, with Bennett’s prospect, a conservative fellow, at the helm.

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