Schumer asks for FBI investigation into FaceApp
Source: Hindustan Times

‘Let’s check how I am going to look in my old days’- has become the internet’s new fun! From the celebrities to common internet lovers- all are playing with the new sensation. Maybe there are a lot of other picture editing apps available in the market but FaceApp is now mostly desired due to its perfection. It is a Russia based company and its latest photo editing app has become viral around the globe.

But the question has already arrived about the privacy of the users as about 80 million users are having fun with it. Chuck Schumer, a Senate minority leader has asked for an investigation into this app. In his tweet, Mr. Schumer called this app “deeply troubling” and it can transfer personal data of US citizen to a “hostile foreign power.” FaceApp has denied this allegation of disturbed privacy of the users.

Privacy Concerns

There is no other option that allows the app to access data and images when one wants to use an app. In the case of FaceApp, the situation is the same. You have to allow this app. Here a question raised rather people are worried about FaceApp because its developer Yaroslav Goncharov is from Russia.

People have the right to be concerned about this app when millions of users are uploading their pictures to foreign servers. It can result in identity theft or something else negative. Still, there is no valid evidence.

Reply of FaceApp

Previously, it has denied the allegation of identity theft. FaceApp founder said that this application only uploads the pictures, the user wants to edit. This app holds a picture for not more than 48 hours. Though there is no valid proof that the photo gets deleted within 48 hours. Will Strafach, a security expert has said that the app only takes only one photo not the user’s entire photo library when user wants to edit.

FBI investigation

Mr. Schumer, the Senate minority leader has called for an FBI investigation. He also asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate this viral app.

“I have serious concerns regarding both the protection of the data that is being aggregated as well as whether users are aware of who may have access to it,”- he added.

He said these words after the Democratic National Committee allegedly warned 2020 presidential candidates and their campaigners not to use the app.  The company mentioned, “It’s not clear at this point what the privacy risks are, but what is clear is that the benefits of avoiding the app outweigh the risks,” security officer Bob Lord reportedly told staff.

The fear of Mr. Schumer is also valid. Actually, there is no clear sign that this Russian company does not have any ties to the Russian government now. The Russian government can ask for the database later. This is a simple fact that when something is completely “free” there’s usually a catch. These apps’ catch is most of the time your privacy. The developer, Goncharov is yet to respond to requests for a comment on the DNC and Schumer’s concerns.

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