The current season of “The Bachelorette” may be the one to watch. For over a decade now the reality series has been churning out seasons of “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” to show people that you can find “true love” amidst a group of 25 eligible good looking singles to go on numerous dates with -or better said, dream dates.

Let’s face the truth, most tune in for the dramatic turns the show often takes which most significantly occurs during “The Bachelor” when 25 women are competing for one handsome and successful man. Besides the endless make-out sessions with various strangers and occasional awkward entrances and exits, the show really has some thing going for it. Up until now it seemed “The Bachelor” -with its 25 hopelessly romantic and often emotional women -was the more favored among viewers but this season may turn that around -at least for the time being.

First of all, the season started off with the twist of having the male contestants take a vote on who they wanted as their next Bachelorette. The choices were two castoffs from the season before of “The Bachelor” -no surprise on the castoff eligibility- Britt Nillson and Kaitlyn Bristowe. Needless to say, there were tons of obvious uncomfortable moments for the women. In the end, Kaitlyn came out on top and from the looks of the previews for the rest of the season it looks like the right woman won, at least in terms of the one who would shake up the franchise.

Even before the show started Kaitlyn was pegged as the one who would keep it real -straight forward, a sense of humor, down to earth and with a bit of an edge. She had her heart broken on national television already and from the glimpses of what’s to come, seems as she’ll be doing the same on her season. If you have had a chance to see the first few episodes and have stuck around for the clips you know that there will be lots of crying, arguing, fighting, confusion, mysterious drop-ins and a hell of a lot more -and this is all from the guys.

Then of course there is the left hook that many may not have seen coming -Kaitlyn sleeps with one of the contestants before the fantasy suite date. There has been a lot of backlash on Kaitlyn for this and the episode has not even aired yet. If you want a reality show this is as real as it gets this is close to it-perhaps people are more astonished because this occurred on “The Bachelorette” instead of “The Bachelor.” Maybe viewers needed this to occur, to show that sex happens on this show and if it’s actually real-life dating on a reality show, more often than not sex will happen regardless of the sex of the protagonist -whether or not it’s during the fantasy suite. No need for slut shaming, especially if it’s grounded on the notion that Kaitlyn is a woman who is dating several men and slept with one “ahead of time”.

Basically, this season of “The Bachellorette” is stepping up it’s game and giving viewers a larger dose of truth than what they are used to. If you haven’t caught on to this season of “The Bachelorette,” get on the bandwagon now, the intriguing drama -with a side of comedic relief and weirdos- has yet to truly unfold.

Image via ABC