Donald Trump’s Ireland golf course has reportedly received permission to build two seawalls to prevent water from eroding the course.

The New York Times has reported that local authorities in Doonbeg, Ireland gave Trump International Golf Links the a-ok on Thursday to build the two barriers around the coast.

One wall will be around 2,000 feet long while the other will be 840 feet long, The Times reported.

The barriers will be made out of limestone and placed by holes one, nine and 18 on the course.

The decision that has been made by County Clare Council has seemed to anger environmentalists who have argued that the wall could damage the natural resources which would be a beach, dunes and greenery. Residents have also pointed out that the barriers could alter the tidal movement coming in and cause the water to flow into their homes instead.

County Clare Council has said that it is unlikely that the wall will greatly affect the surrounding areas.

Green Party’s Irish leader, Eamon Ryan has stated his distaste for this decision. “It’s disappointing. We should be altering the golf course, not the coastline. You can’t ignore the fact that the owner, in this case, is so notorious but the concerns were there long before he bought the course. They wouldn’t be human beings if they weren’t sensitive to the fact that the golf course in question is owned by the president of the United States.”

The Independent has said that environmental groups plan to appeal the decision.

Trump has been quoted in times past that he believes that Climate Change is a hoax and in fact, “created for and by the Chinese”. His administration has removed Climate Change from its list of national security threats earlier this week.

Back in 2014, Trump invested a reported 15 million euros ($20 million) for this golf resort.

The real estate mogul has had to deal with plans of wind turbines in close proximity to his golf course.

A quick solution back in 2014 for the water issue was to dump a ton of rocks on the coastline which ended up with Trump in trouble with the local authorities. He ended up coming up with another plan to incorporate metal bars into the edge of the dunes, which never saw the light of day.

Before becoming the President Of The United States, Trump placed many of his business holdings to his sons. Even though this means Trump has been removed from day to day decisions in the business, he is still allowed to draw money from his business at any time, according to his lawyers.

Trump’s other golf course in Scotland is also causing concern with the locals. In November, ecologists said they expected sand dunes there to lose conservation protection status because of president’s $1.3 billion dollar development.

Looks like Trump has some environmental issues on his hands, which means the climate change statement should be overlooked on his part.