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We all know that the genitals are our go-to pleasure zones to stimulate our partner during sex. However, you can really spice up your sex life by knowing all of their pleasure spots. Here is a list of secret pleasure spots on both men and women that you should try out on your partner the next time you two are having sex.

For Her: Sacrum
This is basically the small of her back. According to’s “Six Surprise Sexy Spot,” “In fact, electric stimulation of this nerve will trigger an orgasm in 91 percent of women, according to a recent study.” So the next time you are getting hot and steamy with your lady, apply pressure or sweet kisses to this spot to heighten their orgasm.

For Him: Nipples
This pleasure spot is no secret for women, but we forget that male nipples “contain just as many nerve endings as yours do,” as states. Ladies should keep this in mind when you are receiving nipple attention from your man and give them the same attention in return. Mimic the strokes that he gives you and have them grow intense as he does.

For Her: Big Toe
This may seem a little weird, but promises that “there’s a direct neurological link between your privates and your little piggies—especially the biggie.” A few kisses and rubs here can send her into overdrive.

For Him: Soles of his feet
This is often ticklish on women, but for men, there are nerves that shoot directly to the genitals. If you apply pressure up and down the soles of his feet, he will stand at attention.

For Her: Navel
According to, when in the womb, the navel and the clitoris “grow from the same tissue, linking them neurologically in adulthood.” Because of this, it is easy to see why giving this secret spots kisses and light brushes with your tongue can help heighten a woman’s libido.

For Him: Just Beneath the Adam’s apple
This is a staple for male masculinity; therefore, showing some love to this area is sure to please him. Give him gentle licks and then apply pressure with your tongue to get him going.

For Her: Nape/Back of her Neck drew up a diagram to test your knowledge of pleasure spots on both men and women. For ladies, the nape and back of the neck derive more pleasure than our male counterparts. So when you are trying to get in the mood, have your man kiss these spots to wake up your nerve endings.

For Him: Head of his Penis
This spot can be tricky because you can either give your man pleasure or make him wince in pain if you do not apply the right amount of pleasure. suggests that you use a “lipstick” method to blow his mind. Take “your closed yet relaxed lips against his head, rubbing it across your wet mouth as if you were applying lipstick,” and relish in his response.

For Her: Inner Thigh
On the diagram that created, the inner thigh is a pleasure spot for women. Although this spot can be very ticklish, if you relax and start up with small kisses and rubs, it can give direct stimulation to your genital nerves.

For Him: Testicle Seam
This spot can really help women out with the number one question that we have during sex: what to do with his balls? You can lightly stroke this seam with one to two fingers, as suggests, in an up and down motion to light up the bundle of sexual nerves that are hidden in this secret pleasure spot.

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