SEO Secrets Revealed-Is Google Losing its SEO Ranking Credibility?

Google to disclose its SEO ranking secrets. Twitter Images

Google engages in a case that may force the company to expose its long-serving secrets in algorithms. When the UK was the part of the case, its judges decided that either the top-ranking company withdraw the evidence of their protection or divulge the specifics of its search algorithm. The company will not only need to submit the code but also allow a professional SEO specialist to study it.

Google has Limited Options

Google has no intention of giving away their knowledge of algorithms for apparent motives. Yet, they have no desire to delete information that is necessary to help the corporation fight the case. These are the only two options that the company has in the battle against the lawsuit. A possible solution would be to terminate the case, which will require millions in lawsuits. Not to say, such an agreement generates Google’s impression that something is incorrect. Google’s other ideal option is to withhold proof and win the lawsuit nonetheless.

Google Sued in Court

The entire scenario arises from Foundem Corporation’s complaint against Google in 2012. This is the year in which the court initiated the charges, but real case activities date from 2006. Foundem appears to have been the target of Google’s pro-competitive activities. Google intentionally put its goods in the search results upstream Foundem, according to Foundem’s statements in 2006. Attributing to the Google search rankings, Foundem claims damages for the loss they induced in business.


Foundem’s Past Search Rankings

Foundem was the best search tool for locating low-cost internet products. Initially, it was only accessible to a small consumer community until it was accessible globally. Foundem also persisted that previously, it appeared in search results. Foundem featured in search results rather notably. In reality, it always displayed on the first search list.

In two days of the sale, Foundem was lost in the search results of Google. The company declined tens and hundreds of sites lower from the first search engine results’ list. The suspicion is, why did Foundem’s search rankings drop only on Google? Among other search engines, Foundem is highly rated. That led Foundem to the belief that this is a calculated attempt to prevent Google Shopping from competing.

Google’s SEO Ranking Criteria Questioned in Court

In 2012, Foundem filed charges against Google, which appear to be still battled up to date. Google presented the United Kingdom High Court with classified information in an attempt to show a refusal to participate in non-competitive activities. The judge chairing the case said the records displayed the process and objectives of Google’s rating algorithms, in general, and specifically Foundem. The documents also portrayed how the rankings were adapted in comparison to other shopping sites.

Google’s search algorithm is too advanced to be grasped by attorneys. Foundem claims, such that it would prefer to include an SEO specialist. In particular, Foundem wishes to incorporate the specifics of the Google algorithm through Philipp Kloeckner.

Foundem Requests the Court for an SEO Specialist

Google believes that supplying an SEO with its algorithm details will jeopardize the rating mechanism’s credibility. Both webmasters or domain managers have the same level of exposure to Google’s ranking details as the quality of Google rating systems. This will turn the tables because other entities that provide marketing tools to help businesses boost their web results have that sort of knowledge freely available.

Dissatisfied with the reaction, Foundem proposes that Google can only delete the records so that nobody can ever find them. The documentation is necessary to show Google’s security. In other terms, there is no case without such records.

Google’s Ultimatum 

To bring the case forward, the judge interfered, and Google agreed that it would either delete the records or allow Philipp Kloeckner to access them. Now, this is the exciting part. If Google does not proceed with the deletion or delivery of the records to Kloeckner, the judge shall allow Kloeckner himself to access these records. The judge offered Google a “fair period” to decide. That will not be easy. We will wait and observe what Google will choose. We may be at the edge of a significant occurrence in the history of SEO rankings.

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