Shark Tank S12 is making BIG waves in America!

If you have got an amazing idea, don’t hold it back! Shark tank is that reality show which can help you raise funds if your idea is worth it!

Judges of Shark Tank
celebrities attending the show: Shark Tank

Entrepreneurship has become one of the most common words in recent times. It is because of shows like Shark Tank. Shows like these allow people to find it easy to pitch in their scalable ideas and secure investment. Although it is not as easy as it seems, nevertheless not impossible. A true entrepreneur pivots his ideas till the time the actual problem has been solved. This may include the startup experiment through multiple strategies!

If we look up any popular business that is existent globally, they all have been rooted in one idea. That sole idea is responsible to carry the vision. It is necessary to understand that every business landing on the Forbes list was once a raw idea. With consistent focus, diversity in terms of expansion, and scalability measures, ideas grow. Similarly, each of these ideas grew and some of the giants are still leading the World. Now, this is what we call a true legacy!

About the Show!

In 2009, America witnessed the inception of one of the greatest reality shows: Shark Tank. It has been proven to make dreams come true. This show has originally been derived from a Japanese reality show “Tigers of Money”. TOM had gone on air in 2001. Unlike other reality-based shows, The Shark tank has a panel of unique investors. The best part? These sharks either invest or choose to not go further with an idea, depending on its potential. It is just one of those moments during a pitch where fates could change or improve for the better!

The most interesting fact about this show is that it is hosted and led by giants from the business World. Referring to the fierceness and speed of a shark, the show has been named after one of the most dominant creatures in the sea. The entrepreneurs that come to pitch in are the little fishes who the sharks can either acquire or choose to not pursue.

Some more news about “Shark Tank”!

Shark Tank has had some amazing guests in each of its seasons too. Some credible sharks are Maria Sharapova, Katrina Lake, Rohan Oza, Daniel Lubetzky, Anne Wojcicki, and many more. Each of these names has had a rich experience of resilience that led them to become one of the greatest business tycoons in history. It has also had international versions of the shows in Vietnam, Australia, Colombia, and Mexico.

Shark Tank

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The overall program layout has been designed in such an organized manner that people have highly liked and appreciated this reality show. The wide global audience not only anticipates taking part in the reality show but surprisingly, many budding entrepreneurs consider Shark Tank as a holy show to learn from. Shark Tank has also won Grammy awards for four consecutive years because of its outstanding and original content.

“Shark Tank S12” breaking the internet!

Since Shark Tank aired on ABC in 2009, it has maintained its popularity. Currently, it has come across as an amazing opportunity for entrepreneurs to observe the mindset of an investor.

On October 16, 2020; the first episode of Shark Tank’s season, 12 went on air with some of the most amazing pitches. From solving a complex solution like the idea of a portable electric vehicle charger to targeting a common problem like keeping your garments germ-free, the first episode of Season 12 has already kicked in with a powerful bang!

Some of the panels of sharks included in this season include Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Barbara Corcoran, Lori Greiner, Kevin O’Leary, and Robert Herjavec. With such powerful investors judging over the pitches, no wonder the American audience is excited to witness entrepreneurship and true disruption. Don’t forget to miss out on the finale of this season forecasted to air on November 20, 2020!

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