Shocking: Mikey Chanel, an 18-year-old Raised as a Boy Is Pregnant

Chanel says he always felt different from his male peers. The tests done on Mikey as a fetus in his mother’s womb revealed him to be a girl, so it surprised his family and doctors when he was born with male genitalia.

Mikey Chanel
Mikey Chanel, Musical artist who was raised as a boy is now pregnant. Twitter Images

Mikey Chanel, a teenager and musical artist born with male genitalia, has announced a rare pregnancy after discovering female reproductive organs. The 18-year-old raised as a boy has become pregnant after finding out that he has working ovaries, a uterus, cervix, and fallopian tubes.

Chanel says he always felt different from his male peers. The tests done on Mikey as a fetus in his mother’s womb revealed him to be a girl, so it surprised his family and doctors when he was born with male genitalia.

“Everyone realized I was different right from the start,” said Mikey. At five, I’d play with my aunt’s purses and put on my mum’s lipstick. I never felt like a boy. I was quite feminine, and I never really went through a whole ‘boy puberty’ thing. I only have a bit of facial hair. I’ve always had a feminine-shaped body, with hips and a butt, thus getting lots of bullying at school. Everyone told me I was a tranny, since third grade, before I even knew what it meant, really,” Mikey narrates.

When Mikey Chanel Discovered He was Different

Mikey Chanel discovered last year that he also has functional female reproductive organs. Mikey came out as gay at 13 and later wondered if he might be transgender. Last year, when Mikey was undergoing some doctors’ routine tests following an accident, the truth was revealed. 

Mikey said: “I had had a weird feeling after peeing and after sex, so they did an ultrasound of my urinary tract. They told me I had a cervix, ovaries, uterus, and fallopian tubes and that I could get pregnant if I wanted to. I thought it was a hoax. I didn’t even know this was plausible. I was like, ‘Haha, where are the cameras?’ Then they displayed my uterus on the screen.”

They diagnosed Mikey as a male intersex with Persistent Mullerian Ductal Syndrome (PMDS). An individual with external male genitals and an internal female reproductive system is a rare condition. This situation comes with many health risks, and doctors advised Mikey to have an immediate hysterectomy. PMDS patients are vulnerable to cancer and tumors, and it minimizes the chance for hysterectomy.

Experts say, although people diagnosed with PMDS do not have a vaginal opening, they can still encounter their periods via blood in the urine or semen – which usually occurs in the sporadic cases where the condition goes undiagnosed until after puberty.

Mikey added: “My male parts came back infertile, but I was told that my ovaries were functioning. I was confused for a couple of weeks; then I understood I wouldn’t be able to have a child unless I bore it myself, and quickly. I always longed to be a mother. I remember playing with dolls when I was young and always dreamed of having kids, so I decided, ‘It’s now or never—I have to try to get pregnant.”

How Mikey Chanel Got Pregnant

They have exposed Mikey to several reproduction processes, including ICSI, which injects sperm directly into a female’s egg to produce a fertilized embryo. They then place fertilized embryos in the fallopian tubes during a laparoscopic procedure called ZIFT. The three fertilized embryos were inserted into an abdominal cavity into Mikey’s fallopian tube since he has no vaginal opening. 

Mikey, who’s now pregnant for four months, added: “I was told there was only about a 20% probability it would work, but it worked. I was so startled but delighted. I can’t wait to be a parent. My parents weren’t around much when I was a kid, so I want to be the parent they couldn’t be. I want to be there for my child. I want to be there in everything, from the first word to them graduating from college. I want to be supportive of everything and anything they chose in life. I feel like a woman now more than ever,” he said.



The doctors have prescribed Mikey estrogen to help with the pregnancy, and he hopes to continue to transition further after the baby is born. Mikey is speaking out about his experiences to raise awareness of PMDS and help people understand that it is a typical medical condition that could happen to anyone at birth. He also wants to break social stigmas related to gender nonconformity. No one cares about such things. Most individuals have not yet heard it.

Mikey said: “There isn’t a lot of research about it, and there aren’t many tests. Often it’s found accidentally, like in my case. I feel like there should be more research. I’m just trying to educate people about it. Once people understand, it could break a huge stigma with gender and within LGBT communities.”

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