Should the NFL and Its teams be Responsible for Punishing and Rehabbing Players?

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Recently the National Football League, the Dallas Cowboys, and the Chicago Bears have come under scrutiny.  The NFL continues to face backlash on the way they have handled the issue of domestic violence and the players who have committed domestic violence. Along with that the Dallas Cowboys and the Chicago Bears have made questionable signing. Dallas signed defensive end Greg Hardy and Chicago signed defensive end Ray McDonald. Hardy was charged with domestic violence in the past, and McDonald was accused of domestic violence, but he’s now being accused of sexual assault.

Many people have been debating whether or not the NFL should be giving players who commit domestic violence a chance. The Bears chose not to hold accusation against McDonald, and felt they should sign him for his talent. Also ever since the Cowboys signed Hardy they have been throwing explanation after explanation. The bottom line is that Hardy was signed for his talent.

Now should Dallas be responsible for helping Hardy, they are now because they want him to produce on the field. Many of the Cowboys executives say that they can raise awareness of domestic violence with Hardy on the team. Why does it take having Hardy on the team for the Cowboys to raise awareness? The Dallas Cowboys are a world famous football team, couldn’t they raise awareness without Hardy?

The Cowboys have no responsibility to help Hardy get his life together. The Dallas Cowboys are a football team with a simple goal of winning super bowls. The Cowboys are not responsible for awareness of domestic violence, or how offenders of domestic violence are punished, or rehabilitated. So does the responsibility fall to the NFL?

The NFL has a conduct policy witch players must follow. This past year they have strengthen it and have provided teams and players programs to help curve the issue of domestic violence. However; there are many people who feel that playing in the NFL is such a privilege that one serious offense should have you banned for life.

The NFL could never pass such a policy, because the players union would defeat it in court, and it is just plain wrong to do so. Or is it? The NFL must have reasonable punishments for violating the conduct policy, and it depends what on the violation is.

If people want to see NFL player who commit things like domestic violence be punished properly and rehabbed properly, then the responsibility must fall on society and our legal system. Hardy was convicted of domestic violence by a judge before last season and was sentenced to 18-months’ probation, and a 60 days in jails, which was suspended. He later appealed and the cases was dismissed.

If you really want to do something about the issue of domestic violence, then society and the laws that govern it must take it more seriously. This is not to say people who commit domestic violence need to be thrown in prison for years. There needs to be an appropriate punishment, but there should also be opportunities to rehabilitate.

The bottom line is that people and football fans cannot expect the NFL and their teams to be in the business of dispensing justice. They do need to provide opportunities for players to better themselves, and perhaps they do just that. The burden falls on society to be knowledgeable, and to not stand for domestic violence.

The NFL is a corporation, its main responsibility is making a profit off the sport of football. They do not have a legal obligation to enforce society rules, laws, and morality. The NFL has the money to help its players, and they have mad awareness of domestic violence is more common than ever thanks to the NFL and the No More organization.

Domestic Violence is a societal issue.  Everyone of the NFL players who commits domestic violence should be held accountable. There are countless others who commit this horrendous act and they too must be held to the highest responsibility. Everyone however, must rely on the laws and programs society can provide. If the laws are weak and the support nonexistent, the problem will continue.


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