Singapore is considered as the homeland for new startups. Although the government gives some grants to startups, there is a need to make the whole process of setting a startup easy. That’s where Sleek comes in. It is a company looking to make the life of startups easy.

Singapore is one of the best regions for the growth of startups. The internet economy of Singapore will become triple by 2025, according to estimates. Some other countries, like Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia are also good for startups. However, bureaucracy is a big hurdle there. Singapore wants to be a hub for local and international companies. That is why it has digitized the process of starting a business.

In Singapore, startups from all over the world are registering, because of the ease of doing business. One of these companies includes Sleek. French entrepreneurs Adrien Barthel and Julien Labruyere started Sleek. They were fed up with the slow speed of firms and the paperwork needed to register a company.

Sleek is completely paperless. The main idea is to register your company once and Sleek will handle the rest, from taxes to visas to accounting fees.

The registration cost of Sleek is $800. This isn’t much compared to the traditional method of registering a startup. There are also expensive packages for registered addresses and nominee directors. Taxes aren’t included in it, but the clients have to pay on the basis of pay-per-use.

There is still some paper trail involved in the process of registering a company. For now, Sleek has made its own adjustments to hide that.

Adrien Barthel, the founder of Sleek, said, “Every day we receive hundreds of emails from different companies. Our AI sorts those emails and sends a reply to the client mailbox. That’s how we operate.”

Sleek consists of over 50 employees with more than 1000 clients. The company has a variety of clients ranging from one-person consultancies to local startups. The Company also has a partnership with Xero, which calls it a gold level partner.

Source: Sleek

Sleek founders are thinking of taking the company to the next level after raising an investment of $1.5 million. Martin Crawford, the former CEO of services magnum Vistra has also invested in Sleek. This makes the overall funding of the company to $2.1 million.

Vistra is a Hong-Kong based company, which provides many services, including incorporating startups. It has around 78 offices Worldwide.

Barthel is quite happy to have Crawford on their team. He said, “Crawford has over 25 years of experience in this industry. He will be a great addition to our team. The main thing which drew Crawford towards our Company was the realization that only technology will help us in achieving our goals.”

Sleek is also looking to collaborate with many other companies, which will increase the overall productivity of Sleek. Barthel said that the company will also get help from third parties to make their work easy. The Company is also looking to open offices in Hong Kong.

Sleek isn’t the only company offering digital company space. There are many new fishes in the pond, like Big Four, Vistra, Osome, Bluemeg, and Lanturn. This competition will push the Company to provide the best services.

The rising competition doesn’t intimidate Barthel. In fact, he welcomes the competition because it will keep the boredom away. He said that the company will always give the best user experience to clients and keep up with the digital world.

As for now, Sleek has a competitive advantage over its rivals. It gives the outsider status to the companies. This has made the lives of companies easy, at a personal level.

Sleek has started a big revolution in the paperwork industry. Sleek was also a client once who was frustrated from the hassle of paperwork while registering their company. They did something about it and now they are helping thousands of other companies.