So You’re Thinking About Getting Bangs…

Changing up your look always makes you turn to your hair – well, this is often the case most often with women. One of the most substantial ways you can completely revamp your mane, your head and face in general is by getting bangs.

However, the decision to go for bangs should not be taken lightly. Once you cut the front of your hair short there’s no going back, at least for a few months, that is. The fact that it’s in the front of your face suggests there are very few ways of hiding the cut. So before you decide to commit to bangs know that there are a few important factors to consider first.

via flickr/helga weber
via flickr/helga weber

Before you even get to really looking into how you will go about the bangs realize that this will be a major commitment and that there are natural circumstances that won’t make your life with bangs so smooth. Maintenance is definitely one of them. You will have to trim your bangs every so often to keep the style and shape you initially intended. Bangs that are too long to actually look great but too short to blend with the rest of your hair is always a somewhat awkward phase -which is why women usually despise the process of growing out their bangs. Bangs are not fast or easy to grow back out so you may not want to just jump to this.

Also, remember that your bangs, like the rest of your locks, are not entirely resistant to the elements of nature. Winds will blow your bangs in ways that won’t necessarily leave them in a cute way; this is not always the easiest to deal with even if you’re using hairspray. Damp or humid temperatures may also cause frizz – have pins in hand to pin your bangs back if they’re not to you’re liking after a day out in these conditions. If you’ve accounted for such situations and are still set on executing the plan for bangs try to imagine what exactly you will do and how.

The first cut is the most important aspect of your time with bangs. The first cut is setting up the groundwork for your entire experience with this hairstyle. No matter what, bangs will change your look dramatically if you didn’t already have them. If you choose to cut them yourself remember that once you snip you’re in it for the long haul, so make sure you are well prepared. Have the appropriate scissors and watch a few tutorials on Youtube before hacking at your hair.
If you’re not feeling so risky perhaps going to a professional will be your best bet. Choose a hairstylist you trust and go in prepared to tell them exactly what you want -save some pictures of Zooey Deschanel or whomever’s bangs you admire.

Bangs don’t just come in a one size fits all, there are dozens of styles you just have to find what suits your face or personality best. Long, short, tiny, classic pin-up, side-swept, you need to figure out what approach you want to take. This is your opportunity to take your look to a level you never had before, even if you’re just getting a style of bangs you’ve never tried out previously. If you are doing the cutting yourself try cutting little by little to see how far above your eyes or eyebrows you want to go.

Now that you are equipped with some extra bangs information you can make a somewhat well rounded choice. Whatever you decide, take it as an experience whether positive or negative. It’s always fun to take risks and bangs could be an easy means to something exciting.

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