Social media down

Within the late hours of Wednesday (from 17:00 UTC), leading social media platforms were down due to some technical issues. Facebook and its three messaging apps were reported down as users around the world were unable to send and receive files via the platforms.

On WhatsApp, users retained the ability to send messages, but images, videos, documents, and even stickers were not passed between users. Although the glitches remain, the authorities have posted that they are putting everything in place to ensure that the billions of users worldwide get back to their usual social activities on the media.

While Facebook, its two messaging apps, and photo sharing app, Instagram were down, one of their biggest rival, Twitter also reported an inability to deliver Direct Messages and notifications. Nonetheless, as tweets were still posted on the platform, the company’s social media representations went on to tweet that about their regrets for the inconvenience saying, “We’re currently having some issues with DM delivery and notifications. We’re working on a fix and will follow up as soon as we have an update for you.”

In no time, as Twitter was the biggest available medium for mass social communication, the crash was trending with #FacebookDown and #WhatsAppDown on Twitter, giving the competitor a clue that they were not alone in the media glitch.

Facebook even went ahead to tweet about their awareness of the challenge and communicate their efforts in making sure that things are back to normal as soon as possible.

Although there are no records of Twitter having a crash like this, Facebook and Instagram have experienced something similar but more severe in March while WhatsApp was reported to be down in April.

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