For a long time now, there have been a few traditions that go along with Memorial Day. It is not just the public holiday and the barbecues in the park but, also it is about the ‘Flag in’. Flag in, is celebrated by the soldiers of the United States on Memorial Day.

At Arlington National cemetery, soldiers of the third US infantry regiment were the ones carrying out the Flag in. It is something where the soldiers place flags on the graves of the people who have sacrificed for the country.

English: Picture of graves decorated with flag...
English: Picture of graves decorated with flags at Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are so many wonderful things about this tradition. Firstly, it honors the lives lost for the good of the nation. It is a great way to celebrate the true purpose of Memorial Day. Thirdly, it honors the deceased regardless of whatever religion or stratification they may have belonged to.

Several soldiers gathered to acknowledge their fallen comrades. Soldiers from more than 50 different religions were acknowledged with a flag beside their grave. Soldiers of Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Hindus etc. had the common mark of the love for a nation.

Photo Via Flickr/Ian Sane