Sony to launch PlayStation 5 in India on February 2

Sony’s PlayStation 5 will be available for order on January 12. It will be available on several retailers.

Sony introduces PS5

Last Friday, Sony stated that it would introduce PlayStation 5 on February 2 in India, suggesting improvements in the supply chain affected by the pandemic affected badly.

The Japanese firm stated that it is going to take request for the new gaming console in India on January 12. The console will be present for pre-order on several retailers. These include Flipkart, Amazon India, Reliance Digital, Croma, Sony Center, and Vijay Sales, according to the company.

The price of the PlayStation 5 is $685 while the digital edition of the console will be $550. On the other hand, Xbox Series X has the price of $685 in India. Moreover, the Xbox Series S will sell at $480. Both the consoles started in India in November.
However, like elsewhere in the world, Microsoft isn’t meeting the demands for the new Xbox consoles in India. The Xbox Series X is facing a huge shortage in the country. So, it isn’t easy to locate its page on Amazon India.

Today’s announcement should tell about the concerns of Loyal PlayStation fans, secured a unit from the gray market at a premium price in the recent months after India wasn’t included in the PS5 nations. Moreover, the fans have been criticizing Sony and its partners for not providing conflicting accounts.

Playstation 5

Back in November, the company stated that it had delayed the launch of PS5 in India because of the local import regulations. Earlier this week, the Game News site The Mako Reactor stated that Sony won’t provide the support for PS5 accessories.

India isn’t a large market for gaming consoles. Microsoft and Sony sold just a few thousand units of their previous generation consoles. Thanks to better and affordable smartphone and the cheapest mobile tariffs, millions of people have embraced mobile gaming in the past few years.,

Sony has been taking good steps recently. It partnered with the UN recently to provide awareness about climate change.

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