Ah, nuts. Southwest removes peanuts from flights


After August 1st, Southwest Airlines will no longer give out free peanuts to its passengers.

The free peanuts were the airline’s trademark for over 47 years, and many people often looked forward to the free snack on flights. However, to appease passengers with nut allergies, they decided to pull the snack from their offerings. Southwest explains,

We’ve made the difficult decision to discontinue serving peanuts on all flights. Peanuts forever will be part of Southwest’s history and DNA…Our ultimate goal is to create an environment where all customers — including those with peanut-related allergies — feel safe and welcome on every Southwest flight.

Many airlines have eliminated peanuts from their flights, but because they were Southwest’s flagship snack and were part of many of the company’s marketing campaigns, many expected them to hold out for a while. Nevertheless, the absence of peanuts on enclosed airplanes will almost certainly be better for passengers with allergies.

Additionally, the airline announced that it will continue to offer pretzels and other free snacks to its customers. Southwest emphasizes that even in the absence of peanuts, their service will remain as strong as ever. Indeed, Southwest’s caring employees are certainly the reason why they have succeeded throughout the years, though the peanuts were a nice perk.

Southwest will save a lot of money due to this decision as well, which could help their profit margin increase slightly. Overall, this is a win-win for Southwest and its passengers.


Featured Image via Pixabay/eyelmage