Visitors of the Statue of Liberty on Monday had to be evacuated from the site in response to a propane tank catching fire at a construction site on Liberty Island in New York Harbor.

According to National Park Service spokesman Jerry Willis, the explosion could’ve been much worse than how it actually was, as the tank was located near two other gas tanks that fortunately didn’t explode as well. One of the tanks did also trip over and started leaking fuel, making the situation a lot more dangerous. There was no damage done to the statue and the only one who was injured was a worker standing nearby, who has released and treated at the scene. Liberty Island wasn’t evacuated and the construction site where the event occurred got closed.

According to the New York City Fire Department, it took them two hours to contain the fire, and over 3,000 people were evacuated for their safety. The Department’s chief stated to reporters:

You had no choice, with that much propane, a bleve – which is one of the tanks exploding would’ve been a catastrophic. Anybody near it, scrap metal would’ve been flying from quite some distance, and tremendous balls of fire when a propane tank does explode like that.”

Featured image via National Park Service