Stolen computers are the least of the government’s security worries

The stolen laptop from Nancy Pelosi’s office isn’t a big news, however, the offices of the officials are in public areas, which makes the theft easier.

Stolen computers in white House

There are several reports from the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office that someone stole a laptop during the Trump rioters’ sack of the Capitol building which has worried a few that the mob may even get access to the classified information, however, these stolen computers isn’t a big worry for the government.

In general, cybersecurity isn’t as big as you might think. However, you need to keep some things in mind regarding the stolen or compromised hardware.

The offices of the elected officials are already in public areas. These are quite historic buildings in which touts often go and meet with politicians and foreign dignitaries. The most important work which they do is administrative, legislative, and public work.

However, recently due to the pandemic, most of them were working from home. For reference, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused 50 million deaths.

Covid-19 pandemic

During the major event of the joint session which confirmed the electors, there were more people than normal. However, this wasn’t any ordinary day in the office. There wasn’t any important business going on in the offices.

In fact, Reuters has reported that the computer was being part of a conference room’s hardware. This is the dusty old Inspiron present on the A/V table, not the personal computer of Pelosi.

If there wasn’t verified access, you should note that the federal government has an IT department with a modern provisioning structure.

In other words, it’s quite likely that the biggest thing that will result from the theft of government computers on Jan 6, will be an embarrassment if this information goes to the masses.

The people who invaded the offices and stole equipment are being charged and arrested. Although the threat doesn’t present a serious security issue, it doesn’t mean that it wasn’t illegal in several ways.

According to cybersecurity experts, the biggest threat to the computers is the infiltration of the accounts and government contractors through SolarWinds breach. The system contained information that wasn’t for the public.

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