Storm Ventures promotes Pascale Diaine and Frederik Groce to Partners

The promotion of Fredrick Grace and PascaleDiaine to partners of Storm Ventures will help the firm reach new heights and break barriers in the VC world.



VC firm Storm Ventures promotes Fredrick Groce and Pascal Diaine

Storm Ventures (, a firm that mainly focuses on the B2B enterprise startups, has promoted Fredrik Groce and Pascale Diaine to partners of the firm.

For several years, the two partners have worked their way up. Back in 2016, Groce joined Storm and invested in enterprise SaaS startups, which include, Next Request, Camino, SplashTop, and Workato. A year later, Diaine joined and she made investments in firms, like German Bionic, Talkdesk, InEvent, and Sendoso.



Groce founded BLCK VC. He also helped to organize the Black Venture Institute to introduce Black Investors to the market. He says that ventures need to have more diversity. Groce stated, “Our team is working quite hard and looking to be successful in the next 40 years. So, we hope that every person does this with the passage of time.” Although the promotion is a good step, Storm Ventures isn’t the only big player in the market. Recently, Nextview Ventures ( introduced a remote accelerator for startups.

Diaine is a French nationalist and kickstarted her career after founding Orange Fab. Later, she joined Storm Ventures where she became well versed as an investor and came to know about the investment side of the business.

She stated, “I am not from the venture capitalist world. I have come from a corporate world. So, the team at Storm Ventures trained me. And they spent a lot of time to assure that I got to this level.”

Both the partners have brought their own unique views beyond Silicon Valley. The top investments of Diaine, include Brazilian, German and Portuguese companies. On the other hand, the investments of Groce include companies in Atlanta, Seattle, and Chicago.

Diaine said in a statement, “Fredrick and I have worked on different signals which you can identify online. You need to have a good set of search tracking. However, the problem is that you can’t track anything if you can’t get revenue in real-time. Therefore, we have made an algorithm which helps us to identify the signals and provide alerts on the startups to which we should pay attention.”



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