Streetwear is coming very popular in high fashion, and many believe it to be because of rappers and how they are wearing streetwear to high profile events. Tommy Hilfiger came out with a summer/spring clothing line, featuring denim, laid back, and loose fit feels.

Harking back to the days when the brand dressed the likes of Aaliyah and Destiny’s Child,” said by HIGHSNOBIET like they say in fashion nothing new under the sun. I think it’s a good thing because all body types look good in baggy clothing to think the whole big butt and boobs are out going out fashion but expanding to all body types. I really love the double-denim more like classy and casual I think celebrities like Rihanna, Beyonce, Migos, cardi B and many other R&B artists going to a high-class event in sneakers, jeans and baggy shirts, they are starting a trend of streetwear as high fashion.

“Leopard coats have been a street style mainstay for years now, and designers like Victoria Beckham, Raf Simons, and Tom Ford put them on the runway this season,” said by Vogue. In the future, I think big high fashion brands are going to make their logos bigger on their products so we can the difference between their clothes and low-end copycats. When comes to middle-class people they might not want to spend $150 on a T-shirt so I think there lower brands are really going to be selling out because why would I spend $500 on a T-shirt when I can spend that on 5 different pant, shorts, pants, and accessories.

The style is going to be around for a very long time but now it’s easy to go the cheaper path and be high fashion. Kim K. is wearing a lot of baggy pants with heels a lot of people are saying she staring the trend but no she didn’t it someone else who not that well know. I love how they are taking jeans using so many different ways, they use it with leather, high-end watches, and fur.

People are putting a lot into this style putting on fishnets, corset, and big classy heels. There a lot of tops coming out baggy with big sleeves and button up shirts. There also wear a big oversized sweater and very oversized turtleneck with a lot of bold colours. See Thru is in season this you have big fluttered clothing with pastel colouring and flower pattern.

“As the weather gets colder and greyer, your florals should get brighter. Most of the prints we saw on the streets this season were super-vivid, graphics, and even neon” said by the lovely Vogue. Tota bags are very in coming in so many styles you have: see thru, made on jeans, and bold colour, I see a lot with fashion walks with the singers, talk show host, and models. The suits that are coming are so nice like small shorts and tall over cover, big fluttered pants with small crops, and come in amazing colours: bold and pastel colours. “from powder blue to chiffon yellow and Creamsicle orange. On a puffer, they’re unexpected; on thigh-high boots, they’re downright subversive. Women are reclaiming these “girly” colours at a time when head-to-toe black doesn’t feel quite right; find your new favourite shade in the slideshow here”- Vogue. They are brought back pock a dot and strips; not just black and white you have light and bright colours and strong colours that make the outfit stand out.

I see a lot of string and tie up, you have a lot high waisted pants with tie up some with a bow or just a simple not. “From the Pride-inspired rainbow puffers and knits to the brand’s large donation to LGBTQ+ organizations, the feel-good moment may have just inspired us to wear every colour of the rainbow for the rest of the month” – Vogue, I love when fashion gets political and making a stand. Not showing feet in their shoes they have a lot of socks or boots and shoes string there a lot of stringy shoes are out. I see a lot oversized but also small boxy handbags with fun patterns and colours. I can see a lot big changes colours and pattern. “What’s Old Is New Again”, said by Vogue magazine The big logos and a lot laidback.