Superpedestrian becomes a partner for cities with e-scooter upgrades

The announcement of Superpedestrian to expand to new cities has been welcomed by the e-scooter giants, like Bird, Voi, and Lime.

Superpedestrian to expand in 10 U.S. cities

Superpedestrian, the company which builds e-scooters, is now aiming to expand to 10 major cities within the next two weeks.

The company itself has made AI, which monitors the scooter safety issues in real-time. The operating system with these upgrades has been codenamed “Briggs.” It has got an amazing and long-lasting battery along with geo fencing capabilities. So, this makes it quite effective for the cities that look for partners that provide assurances of safety and reliability.

Superpedestrian is an underdog e-scooter company that is in partnership with different cities, including New York. Moreover, the micro-mobility giants, such as Bird, Voi, and Lime, have also placed bids. Currently, the company is operational in the U.S. cities which include Oakland, San Jose, Seattle, and San Diego, and European cities, like Rome and Madrid.

Lime E-scooter helmet

Ross Ringham, the EMEA director of Superpedestrian, said in a statement, “All the cities love our compliance record. No market has banned us until now. Moreover, we think that it is important to work alongside the regulators if you want to provide a successful service.”

The new updates of the e-scooters have a 22% faster geofence reaction. This makes its capacity three times more for onboard fences and sevenfold more regarding the geofence accuracy. So, this means that the scooter can identify a no-ride zone. Moreover, it automatically slows its speed.

Ringham took a shot at the company’s competitors and stated, “Our competitors mostly use white-label apps. However, we don’t outsource safety in this way. This means that our engineering team uses the information, which flows from our operations.”

Companies, like Atom, Joyride, and Bird provide independent operating systems. However, no one provides tech-focused LINK e-scooters.

Biderman said in a statement, “If a partner uniquely shows, we easily add it to our menu. This provides better vehicles for riders and better safety performance for the cities. This is what all the cities deserve.”

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