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The fourth generation Suzuki Jimny is everything you would expect from such a car. It’s tough and elegant. It’s also perfect for off-road driving due to its solid exterior and heavy tires. Let’s examine its specs and features one by one:

Cost Price and Release:

The latest Suzuki Jimny was exhibited at the ’26th Indonesia auto show’ in August 2018. The Company also displayed it at the ‘Indonesia International Motor show’ in May 2019.

As far as the price of the SUV is concerned, it ranges between $20,000 and $24,000. In comparison to its competitors, Suzuki Jimny is definitely the most affordable SUV.

Engine and Performance:

Suzuki Jimny contains a 1.5-liter engine, with four cylinders. It produces a torque of 96 pound-feet and has a 100 horsepower. You can also mate the engine with a four-speed automatic transmission. The latest Suzuki model reaches a top speed of 87 mph with four-speed auto box and 90 mph with a five-speed manual. However, Jimny is a lot more than just speed.

One awesome feature of Suzuki Jimny is that you can easily move it through heavy obstacles and obstructions. The approach angle of the SUV is 37 degrees while its departure angle is 49 degrees, which keeps the car safe from heavy obstacles.

Another great feature present in the vehicle is traction control. In this feature, the brakes hit automatically when the SUV moves through heavy obstacles and slippery surfaces. When this happens, the brakes automatically shift the power to the other two wheels.


Suzuki Jimny is made with a body-on-frame design, which has beamed axles, and frame chassis in the front and rear part. This design is suitable for vehicles, which are used for off-road driving. You will also find a few styling elements of other models, like G-Wagen, Toyota FJ Cruiser, and Hummer.

Probably the most striking feature of Suzuki Jimny is its big headlights. Washers are also present, which are helpful for driving in snow, rain or mud. The SUV has angled bumper edges with black safeguards, which protect the bumper from scratches when moving through obstacles.

Suzuki Jimny also has a drip rail, which keeps your head dry and prevents water from entering the car. The car also has a grille with vertical openings, which is present between the headlights. The Suzuki logo is also present on the grille.


Suzuki Jimny has a massive size. Therefore, it has a large interior space. Although the interior is large, yet it’s not one of the classiest interiors. According to the Suzuki, Company, the interior is “humble yet handsome”. A seven-inch touch screen is present with amazing features, like Wi-Fi, video streaming, maps, and navigation bar.

This fourth generation Suzuki model has the largest cabin space among all Suzuki models. When the rear seats are folded, the SUV offers 13.3 cubic feet of free space. This may seem much, but it’s lower than its competitors.

Overall, the interior is quite simple. Through its interior, Suzuki has spread the message that even cars with simple interior can make it in the big leagues.

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Although Suzuki Jimny has a three-star rating in crash tests, it is quite safe for driving. The SUV contains a lane departure warning system along with automatic emergency braking and traffic density detection. It also has two front airbags and anti-lock braking. Pre-tensioners for front seats are also present, which activate before a serious accident.

Some other safety features of the SUV include engine, immobilizer and the central locking remote. You might think that these are too many safety features of an SUV, but Suzuki always keeps the driver’s safety its top priority.

The Verdict:

To sum things up, Suzuki Jimny has a solid exterior and a simple, yet classy, interior. However, the selling feature of Jimny is off-road driving. So, if you want a car that can move through dense woods and massive rocks easily, you should buy a Suzuki Jimny.