Swiss Hacker Indicted After Claiming Credit For Breaching Nissan, Intel

Swiss hacker indicted after claiming credit for breaching Nissan, Intel
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A Swiss computer hacker who has claimed credit to help steal or distribute exclusive data from Nissan Motor Co., Intel Corp. The latest from the startup Verkada Camera was charged on Thursday, the U.S. prosecutor announced.

Kottann, 21, remains in Lucerne and has been told about the delayed accusations, the lawyer’s office said in a statement. Kottann did not immediately respond to a request for comment after the indictment announcement, which came after midnight in Lucerne.


Kottann, over the past year, allegedly working with groups that access internal files belonging to at least eight parties, including six unnamed companies, the Department of Transportation of Washington State, and Federal Agents who are kept secret, according to the indictment.

“Kottann, and others, accessed protected computers, including ‘git’ and repositories of the source code and internal infrastructure, through the use of stolen access, credentials, and exploitation,” said the indictment.

It added that Kottann hacked dozens of businesses and government institutions and is said to have published leaked data from more than 100 entities. In social media posts and on the website, Kottann allegedly distributed some information and took credit for violations, the document said.

The date and description in the indictment are related to two hackers allegedly suitable for Kottann’s past statements about Intel and Nissan. Intel refused to comment. Nissan and Verkada did not immediately respond to a comment request.

This month, Kottann shared with Reuters recorded direct supervision and archived Kottann obtained from the Tesla factory, Alabama prison, and other facilities by getting access to the Verkada administration system.

Prosecutors accused Kottann of wire fraud, identity theft that worsened, and conspiracy to commit computers and abuse. Not immediately clear if or when Kottann will be taken to the U.S. to face the accusations. Meanwhile, the Swiss authority raided Kottann’s residence last week.

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