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Taylor Swift’s clip “ME!” featuring Panic At The Disco vocalist Brendon Urie has set a YouTube record by reaching 65.2 million viewers in 24 hours.  At the time of this writing, the numbers of viewers have reached 98 million.


“ME!” which is also a single debut from Taylor Swift’s latest album is the most listened song in a single day on Amazon.  Also, “ME!” is the most pre-ordered song before its release.


From a musical perspective, “ME!”clip  offers a new era for the former country diva.  “ME!” is a bubbly pop song that moves everyone who listens to it. The video is also eye-catchy with pastel butterflies. The “ME!” lyrics are full of optimistic romanticism.


A snake that transforms into a swarm of colorful butterflies opened the clip, indicating that Taylor Swift wants to end the era of “Reputation” and welcomes a new concept with different nuances.


The next scene presents Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie fighting against each other using French. Both show their acting skills as a couple.


The clip reminds us of old musical stuff with the help of background dancers. Taylor Swift and French director, Jacques Dem directed “ME!”.

Taylor Swift emphasized that “ME!” is a song about how to embrace individualism and then celebrate it. Through this catchy song, the “Love Story” singer hopes the theme of “ME!” can make everyone feel better and love himself/herself.


“ME!” is about the story of a person who just broke up. Even though Taylor admitted being hard to comprehend, she assured that her exes would not find someone who loves them as sincerely as she used to.


“It’s about not feeling like you’re replaceable. We’ve sent so many messages that there’s a better version of us on a social media app, with better abs, in a better vacation spot. You’re the only one of you — that’s it. There’s just you,” the blonde Grammy winner said.


“The 29-year-old pop star thanked fans on Twitter for helping the footage to break the record.


WE ARE NOT CALM,” tweeted Swift on her official account @taylorswift13.

Swift’s achievement on YouTube broke her own record when her “Look What You Make Me Do” clip released in 2017 had 43.2 million viewers.

“ME!” has also beaten “Thank you, next” from Ariana Grande from the numbers of viewers’ perspective.

The Codes Behind The Song “ME!”


Taylor Swift’s loyal fans wondered the code ‘4.26’ on the singer’s social media. The numbers referred to the release date of “ME!” Clip.


    A pink telephone: The scene showing the singer picking up the pink phone reminds Swifties of the clip “Look What You Make Me Do.” We may see the diva full of cheerfulness


    Lover: Taylor Swift looks girly in the clip. But there is a neon sign saying ‘lover’ in one of the clip’s scenes. Some Swifties assume that word can be either Swift’s next song or album.


    Dixie Chicks: In one of the clip’s scenes, you can see a room full of paintings. One of them is a picture of three women in black. That’s the painting of Dixie Chicks, one of the most popular country groups.


Does the picture in the clip indicate the upcoming collaboration between the group and Taylor Swift? Or the pop star will return to country music that paved the way for her fame?