Donald Trump’s rallies are hardly void of excitement. Between his passionate supporters and the avid protestors that attend– the latter is often shown the door at some point during the rally– the media has plenty to report on. However, what would everyone do without a little more drama to the reality show that is the Trump campaign? Well, we would all probably carry on just fine but that’s beside the point.

Saturday’s rally in Las Vegas, Nevada had a sub-plot that almost altered the Trump campaign completely. A 19-year-old named Michael Stephen Sandford approached a police officer and attempted to pilfer the officer’s unlocked firearm. Sandford, after being taken into custody, unapologetically admitted that his intention was to kill Donald Trump.

Sandford is from the United Kingdom and moved to the United States a little over a year ago, where he settled in the town of TLC’s famous Carlo’s Bakery– Hoboken, New Jersey. Sandford travelled to Southern California a few days prior after hearing about Trump’s rally in Nevada with the full intention of assassinating the presidential candidate. After travelling to Las Vegas, he went to a shooting range where he learned how to shoot a gun, in preparation for the rally.

Secret service agents have filed a number of pending charges against Sandford but declined to provide further commentary on the matter.