Teenager Arrested for Assaulting 87-Year-Old

On Friday, October 16, around 3.20 P.M. an elderly woman was punched in the face by a 14-year-old girl on a bus to Croydon.

CCTV caught a video of the assault with clear pictures of the teenager assaulting the 87-year-old woman. The pictures from the recording have now helped police to identify and arrest the girl who punched the elderly lady.

Two teenagers boarded the bus and started to interfere with the driver, as they did not purchase a ticket for riding. Most of the passengers started to leave the bus when the argument heated up between the driver and the teenage girls.

Sergeant Arran Hillier with the Croydon Safer Transport Team said, “This was a nasty attack on an elderly woman, who just wanted to get home. I urge anyone who may recognize the suspects to contact the police.”

The video recorded by CCTV shows the elderly lady standing close to the two teenagers as one of them punches her in the face. The 87-year-old takes her hand to the side of her face. She suffered a black eye following the punch. Another passenger comes to help the elderly woman. She was taken to the St. Helier Hospital and was discharged later the same day. The alleged perpetrator was arrested and taken to a south London police station.

Video from CCTV showing the teenager punching the 87-year-old in the face.

Video via CCTV

Image via Flickr/Ingy The Wingy, resized

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