The 30 Best Restaurants In NYC Right Now



30 best restaurants in NYC
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New York is the hub of restaurants; you can find any type of food and restaurant there. Sometimes it becomes difficult to decide which food is better to eat. If you’re looking for the best restaurants in NYC right now, you’ve come to the right place. We compiled this list of Best Restaurants In NYC by including all sorts of food styles, including dutch food, American food, Seafood, Chinese food, and African variety. Each of them offers different cuisine and styles. These are the best restaurants in NYC right now, and they’re all must-try.

30 Best Restaurants In NYC Right Now

Keep your next food destination list ready because these are must-try restaurants, and you will definitely rush to try them out. Let’s have a look!

1. Pilot Brooklyn

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You already know how much we adore the two-master “Grand Banks” at Manhattan’s Pier 25. The Pilot Brooklyn, located at Pier 6 in Brooklyn Bridge Park, is the equivalent to the original operators. Drink in the breathtaking vista of Manhattan while dining on more modest (but still great) seafood meals!

2. The Dutch Restaurant

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Contrary to what the name “The Dutch” might imply, the food is American rather than Dutch. A wide variety of meat and fish meals are available in addition to salads and pasta. There is plenty of time on the weekends for brunches, and many options are available.

3. Malecon

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This dining establishment has a classy atmosphere. The menu features traditional Dominican, Cuban, and Puerto Rican dishes such as rotisserie chickens with paprika rub, garlicky Pernil, peerless Cuban sandwiches, other sandwiches made in the sandwich press, savory scoops of mofongo, steaming bowls of Asopao, and snacks such as empanadas and Cuchifritos.

4. Teranga

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The restaurant is both a location to eat and a vital factor of The Africa Center, offering a culinary lens into Africa through African-grown foods and flavors dating back to before colonization. Teranga, which means “good hospitality” in Senegalese, is a fast-casual restaurant with bowls and all, yet the staff is friendly and pleasant.

5. The Mercer Kitchen

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Right close to The Mercer Hotel in SoHo is a restaurant called The Mercer Kitchen. While exploring SoHo, we suggest stopping here for lunch and brunch.

6. Cathedrale

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Items including roasted heritage turkey, brussels sprouts, golden raisin chestnut stuffing, pumpkin pie, and more will be on the menu. Autumn squash with pomegranate vinaigrette will also be available.

7. Osprey in Brooklyn

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American cuisine is served in a lovely setting overlooking the East River and Brooklyn Bridge.

8. Balthazar

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The stylish bistro serves traditional French cuisine. You can also choose from the seafood bar and the treats from the Balthazar Bakery in addition to the menu. During breakfast, the freshly baked bread is especially appealing.

9. Trinity

image from @trinityplacenyc

Trinity Place is a very distinctive restaurant located in the Financial District of New York. Why? You dine in a former bank’s vault! At Trinity Place, you can enjoy fantastic Irish American cuisine in a lovely environment.

10. Brooklyn Crab

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With the IKEA Ferry, you can get to Brooklyn Crab, a real insider destination, in just 20 minutes from Manhattan. If you remain long enough, you may watch the sunset over the Statue of Liberty while enjoying the delicious seafood, which is served both inside and outside.

11. Brooklyn Diner

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Despite what the name would imply, the diner is very close to Times Square! The Brooklyn Diner is a diner that looks the same from the outside and the inside as it does in a book. Try the French toast or the pastrami.

12. Dante NYC

Best Restaurants In NYC
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There isn’t much of a way around Dante NYC when it comes to the best Negroni in town. It’s an Italian restaurant with a small bar, and they’ve been serving their famous Negroni in New York since 1915.

13. Double Chicken Please

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The Double Chicken Please is a must-visit cocktail bar and restaurant on the Lower East Side. You’ll love the ambiance as well as the amazingly delicious and inventive cocktails. Their specialty is food-inspired drinks; examples include Cold Pizza, Key Lime Pie, and Japanese Cold Noodles.

14. Drift In

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One of my most recent finds in New York is The Drift In, which is situated in the West Village just on the Hudson River promenade. The team behind the Drift In is the same as at my favorite restaurants, PILOT Brooklyn and GRAND BANKSs, so it makes sense that they serve oysters and the tastiest lobster roll in town. just wonderful

15. Eataly

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Mario Batali, a renowned chef, opened the eatery Eataly in New York. The wine selection is extensive, and the pizza tastes a lot like pizza. A wide variety of superb pasta dishes, salads, and sandwiches are also available. I consider this Italian food market to be among the nicest and most beautiful in the entire city.

16. Empire Diner

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You can’t miss this American diner in Chelsea because it is decorated with stunning graffiti; it is an NYC landmark. And it’s only a few meters from the High Line!

17. Gayle’s Broadway Rose

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Gayle’s Broadway Rose offers singing waiters and waitresses who will serenade you with timeless and contemporary Broadway tunes as you indulge in a delicious milkshake.

18. Gelso & Grand

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The Gelso & Grand combines a restaurant (with great pizza), a bar, and a small outside area perfectly. It is not only nicely designed, but it also serves genuine Italian espresso.

19. Grand Banks

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The site is ideal because it has access to water, a stunning view of Manhattan, and a terrific environment. When the weather is good, you can take in New York from the Hudson River. The restaurant also offers delicious beverages and seafood.

20. Hudson Clearwater

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This beautiful little restaurant offers everything I like: it’s warm and nicely furnished, the food is delicious, and you can have a peaceful dinner in the restaurant’s little courtyard in the summer.

21. Industry Kitchen

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The restaurant serves traditional American fare with modern touches. The recipes’ primary ingredients are fresh ones. Industry kitchen offers salads, pizza, and freshly grilled meat which are highly recommended, as are the finest wines. The variety is great, so beer and cocktail fans will receive their money’s worth.

22. Juliana’s Pizza

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The white and red checkered cloth napkins, crimson awnings, and rustic furnishings all contribute to the Italian feel. Fresh from the stone oven, the pizzas are very delicious. There are also barrier tapes in front of Juliana’s for individuals waiting, so if you’re traveling in larger groups, you should plan on waiting.

23. Jun-Men Ramen Bar

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One of the city’s top ramen restaurants is The Jun-Men. By the way, Jun-Men is Chinese for “straight-up noodles.” The broth, which is sometimes lowered for hours and is ultimately incredibly “concentrated” and delicious, is the key to a superb ramen dish. Delicious, and after tasting it, you’ll know why we gush about it so much.

24. La Mela

image from @la_mela_nyc

A wonderful place to go if you want to have dinner out in a relaxed environment. The meal is prepared by a genuine Italian family. It’s highly advised to try the mussels.

25. La Pecora Bianca

image from @lapecorabianca

The White Sheep, or La Pecora Bianca in Italian, is a restaurant that emphasizes farm-to-table fare. They may “shine” since their ingredients are sourced locally.

26. Little Prince

image from @littleprince

Because it is so little, you have a window seat and table all to yourself, as it were, in the French restaurant in the summer. This is something we first observed. It immediately made our list of the best romantic restaurants in New York City because it is so very romantic.

27. Lombardi’s Pizza

image from @lombardis_pizza_nyc

Pizza eatery Lombardi’s in Nolita takes pride in being the country’s very first pizzeria. Here, you may eat deliciously and take in the warm Italian ambiance. Ensure that you try the meatballs as well!

28. Manhatta

image from @manhatta_nyc

If you’re looking for a restaurant for a special occasion, the Manhatta is one of the greatest in the city and ideal. Here, you are at the top level—not just the cuisine! It is situated on the 60th floor and provides you with a stunning view of the city!

29. Milk and Roses

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From the outside, Milk and Roses appear to be relatively unremarkable, but on the inside, it is a truly exceptional specimen that resembles a cross between a café and a country bookstore. Very fashionable and delicious above all!

30. Pastrami Queen

image from @therealpastramiqueen

One of our favorite pastrami stores, besides Katz’s Deli, is the Pastrami Queen. The sandwiches are quite excellent, kosher, and have thick toppings. The restaurant hasn’t changed in nearly 30 years and is well-known for its delicious food.


Our compilation of the top 30 restaurants in NYC is sure to help you discover new dining options. These restaurants are renowned for their quality and should not be missed. Satisfy your cravings for delicious New York City cuisine by planning a visit to one of these establishments. You won’t be disappointed


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