The boss of Cathay Pacific, Rupert Hogg Decided to quit following protest row

The CEO of the flag-carrier of Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific has given up after the airline got involved in the disagreement over the protests there. Rupert Hogg took responsibility for the challenging weeks that the airline had. Some of the employees were also part of the protest. However, China decreed the airline to announce the suspension of the employees involved.

John Slosar, Cathay’s chairman, mentioned that the management team must be restructured to gain lost confidence. Paul Loo, the chief customer and commercial officer, also quit the position.

Mr. Hogg confirmed that the airline was having a tough time and acknowledged his responsibility along with Paul’s as leaders of the organization.

Growing pressure

Hong Kong has been experiencing an upsurge in the pro-democratic demonstration recently and Cathay Pacific has declared not to hold back the employees from joining it. Contrary to this notion, Mr. Hogg announced that any employee found to have participated in the demonstrations would be fired.

Following the event of China’s state-run press, Cathay confronted pressure online which further fuelled the #BoycottCathayPacific. The hashtag became a trending one on the Chinese social media.

Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), asked for the list of employees on flights who might access the airspace or going to the mainland. For enhanced security and internal control, Cathay had to submit a few more reports.

Cathay Pacific declared the replacement of Mr. Hogg by Tang Kin Wing Augustus and Mr. Loo by Ronald Lam. Cathay’s New CEO, Mr. Tang headed the Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company, owned by Swire. Mr. Lam earlier headed Hong Kong Express, a low-cost service of Cathay.

Mr. Slosar reckoned the efforts of Mr. Hogg and his team in the last few years but also stated the situation that has put questions on the security aspects of the airline. He further added the new leaders have sufficient experience in aviation backed by in-depth knowledge which would help manage the critical situation that the company is going through. Though some influential people have tried to take advantage of the restless situation, the next Mulan star has expressed support for the police of Hong Kong in the face of the pro-democratic demonstrations.

Actress Liu Yifei posted on Chinese social media platform, Weibo supporting the Hong Kong police and declaring the demonstrations as shameful.

The Hong Kong International airport faced hardship in maintaining their daily flights as the protests compelled the airport to remain inoperative. This paralyzed one of the busiest communication hubs of Asia.  Following this event, the airport authority declared a ban on entry for the protestors within the premises.

Though Hong Kong is a part of China, it enjoys considerable autonomy, except in defence affairs and foreign affairs. Mr. Slosar further added that he is confident that Hong Kong will overcome all the difficulties and will restore peace in no time.