Daily Routine Of Grand Slam star Bethanie Mattek-Sands

  • Some countries have started reopening their sports and hosting leagues.
  • The difference this time around is that players will be playing behind closed doors in an attempt to reduce the spread of COVID-19.
The Daily Routine Of Bethanie Mattek-Sands
Image Source: @JoseMorgado / twitter.com / The Daily Routine Of Bethanie Mattek-Sands

The world of sports is a very volatile sector. Every single day, new superstars come on board, males, and females. From football to tennis, anyone can become a champion. Therefore, the current champions need to work extra hard so that they can secure their positions and success. In this time of coronavirus, the sports sector is not doing well, and sports authorities have closed tournaments and leagues of various sports. Some sportspeople worry a lot since the usual income that has been coming in is not there anymore.

Other stars like Mattek-Sands have to continue training despite having no tournaments. This is because the world of tennis is very competitive, and a day of training means one step behind. The good news is that the situation in sports is changing slowly. Some countries have started reopening their sports and hosting leagues. The difference this time around is that players will be playing behind closed doors in an attempt to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Bethanie Mattek-Sands

She is a 9-time Grand Slam star. Bethanie has over 25 career titles and over $7 million in career prize reward. Mattek-Sands has several deals that help her get some money to make a living for herself. The player was to complete early this year on BNP Paribas Opens. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the sports authorities called off the event immediately.

The tournament was to be in California, and competitors know it as to be highly competitive. Mattek-Sands was having fun at Palm Springs when the sad news of the tournament cancellation reached her. On the match day, the tennis professional reminisces how the tournament was like previously- lots of fans and players training on the field. That day the situation was not like that.

The players were in a dilemma wondering if they would either stay at Palm Springs for training or plan to go home. Mattek-Sands had to remain back to accomplish sponsorship commitments and shoots. Later on, after a while, she decided to go back to her home to quarantine as she waits for the situation to be back to normal.

Current Sports Daily Routine

Mattek-Sands is currently self-isolating with her husband and Ettore, her sports partner. Ettore is from Italy and could not travel back home due to restrictions. Mattek-Sands says that her schedule is the one helping her carry her daily routine comfortably. She diligently follows her timetable and even sets the time for training, waking up, and eating breakfast.

Bethanie wakes up at 7 am, meditates, and reads for an hour, ignoring all her emails and phone text messages. Her breakfast comprises chocolate pancakes and Italian coffee. Afterward, she goes to the gym to warm herself up for about 1 hour then goes to her private court to train with Ettore. The professional spends over 1 hour on the court trying a new thing with her partner and perfecting her current skills.

Their lunch is Italian food, of which Ettore prepares it well. In between workouts, she will have time for social media and tape for Tennis United. Collectively, she has a total of 3 workouts in a single day, and the evening takes her dog for a walk. This is how Bethanie spends her day before she goes off to bed.



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